Man Pleads Guilty to Breaking and Entering

Man Pleads Guilty to Breaking and Entering

Following his indictment by the grand jury, Chantilly's Allen Eugene Black Jr. pleaded guilty last week to breaking and entering.

Black, 26, of 4309 Willoughby Court in the Poplar Tree Estates community, was arrested and charged in July and will be sentenced in February.

FAIRFAX COUNTY police Det. T. W. Cook explained the case against him in a July 2 affidavit for a warrant to search his home for specific items stolen from a neighbor's house. He wrote that, on July 1, a citizen reported a burglary. He/she said she'd seen a man leaving a different address on Willoughby court with a suitcase.

The caller knew where the man lived and described him to police, who then found him at his house on the same block as the burglarized home. Police identified him as Black and, according to Cook, the caller "positively identified [him]" as the person he/she saw leaving the home with the occupant's suitcase.

In addition, with the aid of a K-9 unit, police were able to obtain a scent track leading from the burglarized home to Black's home. Police then contacted the man whose house was broken into, and he gave them a list of several missing items.

They included a black suitcase, one bottle each of Kettle 1 vodka, Grey Goose vodka and red wine, a silver MP3 player with a headphone case, plus a DVD player. Also missing were the DVD movies "The Godfather, parts I, II and III," "Spaceballs," "Say Anything" and "The Princess Bride" (still in its wrapper).

"At no time did [the victim] give the suspect permission to enter his residence or remove any property," wrote Cook. "[And I] observed a dark-colored suitcase in the suspect's residence while checking the outside structure for this affidavit."

On July 2, police charged Black with breaking and entering. They executed the search warrant three days later, on July 5, and seized: Three smoking devices, one bottle each of Kettle 1 vodka, Grey Goose vodka and red wine, a DVD player, an MP3 player and a headphone set in a case.

Also seized were the DVDs: ""The Godfather, parts I, II and III," "Spaceballs," "Say Anything," "The Princess Bride," "Overboard" (still in its wrapper), "Blue Crush," "Caddyshack," "The Wedding Date," "The Replacements," "Two For the Money" and "Blow."

The grand jury indicted Black on Nov. 20 and, last Tuesday, Nov. 28, he pleaded guilty in Circuit Court. Before accepting his plea, Judge Kathleen MacKay made sure that he was entering it freely and voluntarily, and because he was indeed guilty.

She then set his sentencing for Feb. 2. Breaking and entering is punishable by as much as five years in prison.