Getting To Know ...Jimmy Cirrito

Getting To Know ...Jimmy Cirrito

When driving through downtown Herndon, it's impossible to miss the corner restaurant, Jimmy's Old Town Tavern. What started almost a decade ago, Jimmy's has grown into a town institution with a following of loyal customers. The owner, Jimmy Cirrito is this week's People Profile.

Number of years in the community: I've lived in Manassas since '87. I worked at the old Champions in Herndon about 12 years ago and I signed the lease at Jimmy's on Nov. 11, 1996, that was my first real day as a "Herndonite" business owner.

Family: Maureen and I were married in 1992. Our daughter Kelsey was born in 1994. She is in sixth grade.

Education: My aunt and uncle taught me how to bus tables and wash dishes when I was 15. My mom is still tutoring me. Oh, I did graduate high school too. Pioneer Central, Yorkshire, N.Y.

Current job/primary occupation? Owner and general manager of Jimmy's Old Town Tavern.

Achievements: Making a lot of great friends is the best one. I broke a World Record when I was 24 for the longest bar shift — 12 straight days for charity. I was featured in Ripley's Believe it or Not for it. I won Washington, D.C.'s Fastest Bartender Contest in 1994. That's a big deal for bartenders around here.

Activities/interests/hobbies? Besides sampling dinner specials? Ummm ... ride my Harley, go to concerts, watch Buffalo Bill's and Sabre's games, play foosball, trying to get my golf game under 120, traveling afar to visit family and friends, visiting restaurants and nightclubs, supporting fund raisers. Of course, nothing beats the times I have with Maureen and Kelsey.

Favorite local restaurant or place in the community? Besides Jimmy's? I would have loved to have seen Hazel's Diner. I will always remember Sylvana's, and I will always bow to the Master, Chuck Curcio. I wish all the best to all the local places. I am very proud to be in the circle.

What are your community concerns? I don't envy the mayor or the Town Council, they have had their hands full for years. Herndon is a great place, the town does a great job, but I think there are too many Cowboy's fans around here.

What are some ideas you have on ways to improve your community? Twelve-foot wide brick sidewalks to encourage pedestrians. Please.

What brought you here? I followed my mom's bread crumbs from Buffalo, N.Y. to Manassas. A friend later informed me of a restaurant in Herndon being vacant. Our landlord, Mr. Curtis, accepted our offer and, voila.

What community "hidden treasure" do you think more people should know about? The museum is the best and the Herndon history books should be in every house and read at Herndon schools. All the Civil War history is amazing.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you "grew up?" A professional hockey player or a rock star. I like to think I still have a chance.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Right where I am.

Personal goals? To get out of debt. To help Kelsey grow up to be a better person than I am.