Bus Crash on Seven Locks

Bus Crash on Seven Locks

A passenger car crashed into a Ride On bus Thursday, Feb. 9 in the intersection of Seven Locks Road and Bradley Boulevard in Potomac.

No one was injured in the crash, according to Lucille Baur, a spokeswoman for the Montgomery County Police.

Both vehicles were apparently travelling east on Bradley when they collided around 10:15 a.m. The passnger car, a Honda sedan was partially tucked under the undercarriage of the bus.

The bus, number 5148, was operated by a Montgomery County contractor called First Transit, according to Tom Pogue, spokesman for the Department of Public Works and Transportation, which operates Ride On. First Transit provides drivers for all of the routes that use Ride On's smaller buses, though Ride On owns and maintains the vehicles. Ride On has 96 such buses and 257 full-size buses.

Police and fire and rescue vehicles arrived quickly to the accident scene, followed by a Ride On supervisor. However, an accident report had not been filed as of the Almanac's press time Feb. 14.