100 Days at Bonnie Brae

100 Days at Bonnie Brae

Elementary students celebrate everything 100.

Bonnie Brae Elementary School first-graders looked into the future Friday, Feb. 17 as part of the school's 100-Day celebration. On Thursday, Feb. 16, students marked the 100th day of the school year with a school-wide breakfast and 100 balloons in their classrooms, as well as craft and school projects relating to the number 100. However, on Friday the first grade took the celebration a step farther, envisioning themselves and the world when they are 100 through art projects, essays, and dressing the way they thought they would look.

The writing and art projects in Mary McGuire’s classroom got Emma Sisk, 6, thinking about the things she would be able to do at 100, like stay up late and watch TV.

"You can do whatever you want," said Emma. "You can rule the house."

Ale Pazzi, 7, reflected on her own family history. "When my dad’s grandpa was born, TV didn’t exist yet," she said. "But he could play lots of other games." When she is 100, Ale said, she hopes to be an inventor.

"You can do lots of things," she said.

The students agreed that the world will be far more technologically advanced 100 years from now. Will Rutherford, 7, predicted that people will wear "rocket-booster" shoes to get around like in the movie "The Incredibles" and will be able to jump into books.

— Lea Mae Rice