Jury: Man Not Guilty of Indecent Liberties

Jury: Man Not Guilty of Indecent Liberties

In mid-December 2005, Fairfax County police charged a 58-year-old Fair Oaks man with sexually abusing his 17-year-old, adopted daughter. But after a jury trial last week in Circuit Court, he's been declared not guilty.

In a Dec. 6 affidavit for a search warrant to take photos of the man's genital area, to provide corroboration of the teen-ager's allegations, police Det. Paul J. O'Neill provided details of the case against him. O'Neill is assigned to the Sex Crimes Unit of the Criminal Investigations Bureau.

HE WROTE that, on Nov. 27, 2005, the girl reported to the police that she had been "sexually assaulted by her adopted father on numerous occasions." The next day, O'Neill met with her to discuss these alleged assaults.

According to the detective, she told him that the suspect had engaged in both oral sex and sexual intercourse with her on several occasions at their home. She also described to O'Neill specific markings her adopted father has near his genital area.

O'Neill therefore requested a search warrant so he could photograph it and "substantiate the victim's account of custodial indecent liberties." And he soon obtained nine digital photographs of the man's private parts.

Eight days later, on Dec. 14, police charged the suspect with four counts of indecent liberties with a minor. Then on March 20, the grand jury indicted him on all four counts. And last Wednesday, July 5, the case went to trial before Judge Stanley Klein.

After hearing all the testimony and evidence and then deliberating, the jury found the man innocent of all four offenses. Centre View is withholding his name because identifying him could possibly lead to the identity of the girl being revealed, as well.