Welcome to Vienna

Welcome to Vienna

We're glad that you have found us.

For 52 years, I have seen the growth and shared in the warmth of this community.

With the unsettling months of World War II behind us, our family landed in Hillcrest, Washington, D.C., with the feeling of a temporary home until we could find the location of our dreams. The search pushed us westward. Here, on a Sunday afternoon in 1952, we found Vienna.

The trees on Maple Avenue formed an archway over a two-lane road. The house at 201 Park St. was waiting for us. The railroad ran between the house and Vienna Elementary School, providing entertainment for three growing sons. The Barney farm across the street provided pasture for the horses, which were shared enthusiastically for help with chores. Our journey here was beginning.

Vienna was awakening to embrace the coming of home-seekers, and the changes came rapidly. Houses were being built, churches expanding, businesses were springing up to provide services for the newcomers. The town governing body picked up the challenge early on and provided the ever-increasing leadership needed to meet the needs of its people.

One component of growth is change. It is difficult for some to see the new encompass the old. To do so, a vision of necessity and advantage must prevail. I believe that this has been accomplished by a strong desire of the town's citizens to maintain community well-being. This is supported by strong leadership and citizen involvement.

In Vienna we enjoy a full schedule of community activities and celebrations — ViVa! Vienna!, July 4th, the Halloween Parade and sports for all ages. These are sponsored by the Vienna Department of Parks and Recreation, civic groups and others. Parks are ever increasing, and growth is evident in all of the town's programs. The location of our town lends itself to outside interests and opportunities, as well. The Capitol is linked by Metro, and historic Washington is but minutes away.

These are a few thoughts to say, "Welcome, newcomers." The greatest gift of Vienna is its people. We say, "Move in, pitch in, and enjoy the abundant life in 'Our Town.'"

Clarene Vickery

Founder and principal, Parkwood School