Local Schools


Bonnie Brae Elementary School

5420 Sideburn Road, Fairfax


Enrollment: 785

Principal: Kathy Bruce

PTA President: Kirk Prentice

Cluster: VI

Web site:

Daniels Run Elementary School

3705 Old Lee Highway, Fairfax



Enrollment: 760

Principal: Kathy Mullenix

PTA President: Karen Bryan

Special programs: full-day kindergarten, first grade reduced ratio, Latin for third to fifth grades, gifted and talented school-based, DARE program, ESOL, special education

Cluster: VII

Web site:

Fairfax Villa Elementary School

10900 Santa Clara Drive, Fairfax



Enrollment: 432

Principal: Dale Mann

PTA President: Megan Wakeman

Cluster: VII

Web site:

Greenbriar East Elementary School

13006 Point Pleasant Drive, Fairfax


Enrollment: 789

Grades: K-6

Principal: Linda Cohen

PTA President: Cindy Madigen

Cluster: VII

Web site:

Laurel Ridge Elementary School

10110 Commonwealth Blvd., Fairfax


Enrollment: 840

Principal: Linda Domina

PTA President: Carrie Watkins

Special programs: Spanish immersion program

Cluster: VI

Web site:

Little Run Elementary School

4511 Olley Lane, Fairfax


Enrollment: 400

Principal: Janet S. Johnson

PTA President: Barb Tiffin

Special programs: Character Curriculum, Student Human Relations Committee

Cluster: III

Web site:

Mantua Elementary School

9107 Horner Court, Fairfax


Enrollment: 900

Principal: Jan-Marie Fernandez

PTA President: Mary Jo Kavjian

Special programs: Success by Eight, program for hearing-impaired

Cluster: III

Web site:

Mosby Woods Elementary School

9819 Five Oaks Road, Fairfax


Enrollment: 675

Principal: Mahri Aste

PTA President: Heather Brennan

Special programs: Head Start program, Business/school partnership with AT&T, Gifted Center

Cluster: VIII

Web site:

Oak View Elementary School

5004 Sideburn Road, Fairfax


Enrollment: 740

Principal: Debra Lane

PTA President: Tracy McGowan

Special programs: Study Buddy Program

Cluster: VI

Web site:

Olde Creek Elementary School

9524 Old Creek Drive, Fairfax


Enrollment: 400

Principal: Thomas Bentson

PTA President: Sue Taylor

Special programs: Young Author's Celebration, MR and OC Center

Cluster: III

Web site:

Providence Elementary School

3616 Jermantown Road, Fairfax



First opened: 2000

Enrollment: 780

Principal: Joy Hanbury

PTA president: Pam Wagner

Special programs: full-day kindergarten, ESOL, SACC, gifted and talented school-based, special education

Cluster: VII

Web site:

Wakefield Forest Elementary School

4011 Iva Lane, Fairfax


Enrollment: 460

Principal: Sherri D'Amato

PTA President: Stacia Aman

Special programs: We Care Club, Middle School Electives

Cluster: III

Web site:

Willow Springs Elementary School

5400 Willow Springs School Road, Fairfax


Enrollment: 700

Principal: Elizabeth R. Rhein

PTA President: Laura Allsopp

Special programs: Gifted and Talented center for grades 3-6

Cluster: VII



Frost Middle School

4101 Pickett Road, Fairfax


Grades 7-8

Enrollment: 1060

Principal: Marti Jo Jackson

PTA President: Laura Mead

Special programs: Deaf and hard of hearing; ED, LD, GT center

Cluster: III

Web site:

Lanier Middle School

3710 Bevan Drive, Fairfax


Grades 7-8

First opened: 1960

Enrollment: 1,000

PTA President: Julie Szabo

Principal: Rodney Moore

Special programs: college partnership program, business/school partnership with Lockheed Martin, TV station, ESOL, gifted and talented school-based, special education

Cluster: VII

Web site:


Fairfax High School

3500 Old Lee Highway, Fairfax


Grades 9-12

First opened: 1972

Enrollment: 2,203

Principal: Scott Brabrand

Special programs: special education, ESOL, Fairfax Academy for Communications and the Arts

Cluster: VII

Web site:

Robinson Secondary School

5035 Sideburn Road, Fairfax


Enrollment: 4,300

Principal: Dan Meier

PTA President: Pat Worth

Special programs: IB Program, LD and ED and MR programs

Cluster: VI

Web site:

Woodson High School

9525 Main St., Fairfax


Grades: 9-12

First opened: 1962

Enrollment: 2,084

Principal: Robert Elliot

Special programs: Honors and advanced placement program; leadership class; technology-based chemistry, geosystems and engineering technology lab programs; character education program and art video conferencing lab

Cluster: III

Web site: