Getting to Know...Sandy Grogan Dresser

Getting to Know...Sandy Grogan Dresser

Sandy Grogan Dresser first heard of Reston while teaching a social studies class in the 1970s. Interested in the ideas of Robert E. Simon, Dresser finally came to live in the area in 1991. An active citizen in the community and president of the Golf Course View Cluster Association, Sandy Grogan Dresser is this week's People Profile.

Number of years in community. 16

Family. My son, Dave, lives in Sterling and is an emergency medical technician/firefighter in Prince William County.

Education. BA in history, University of North Carolina; BS in Education, University of Kansas; MS in policy administration, University of Kansas

Current Job. I retired in 2002 from Aon Consulting where I consulted in the areas of compensation, human resources management and employee communication. I continue to do communication consulting for a few favorite clients, teach a course in basic compensation administration for a large professional association several times a year, and serve as president of the Golf Course View Cluster Association.

Achievements: I've had more than 30 articles published in professional journals in the areas of compensation administration, and human resources management and edited nine books in the fields of education law and leadership development.

Activities/interests. My favorite activities are travel, photography, reading and walking with my dog, Duffy. My interests are protecting our natural environment and wildlife and protecting/promoting civil liberties and women's rights.

Favorite local restaurant/place in the community. Reston's wonderful pathways.

Community concerns. I have been outspoken about my concerns that the proposed new Reston documents would mean a significant and detrimental change in the relationship between the Reston Association and the cluster associations that provide basic services to the majority of Restonians. I am horrified by the destruction of Reston's natural beauty that has resulted from the overwhelming development of Reston's commercial core, and worried that Fairfax County, which controls that development, is willing to turn Reston into another Tysons Corner to benefit the county coffers at our expense. While we'll never regain the wonderful trees and natural areas we've lost, I believe the best protection against further destruction of our natural areas is to become a town that has a legitimate say in our future.

What brought me here. I learned about Reston in the early 1970s when I taught my social studies classes a unit in the man-made environment using materials provided by the American Institute of Architects. I was captivated by Bob Simon's seven principals for a livable community. I moved to Virginia in 1981 and moved to Reston in 1990. I love the fact that I can walk out my door and encounter nature so intimately. I meet foxes on my morning walks, see raccoons in drinking at my bird bath, feed a lovely assortment of birds, chipmunks and flying squirrels at my birdfeeder, see great blue herons at the golf course ponds.

What did I want to be when I grew up. Like many of my generation, I've experienced a lot of changes in my life including at least four major career changes. I think the constant theme in my life has been to do the best job I could at whatever assignment I was working on.

Where do I see myself in five years. I see myself here in Reston, living the good life and helping to make life good for my neighbors in Golf Course View.

Personal goals. To walk in and photograph as many beautiful places as I can.