Regency Breaks Ground

Regency Breaks Ground

Ian Alexander knows that progress comes with a price. A sophomore at Winston Churchill High School and member of Regency Estates Swim Club, Alexander went to the pool with Regency friends Alarich Linke and Adam Mutai as the pool began its expansion. “It’s like winning the lottery — we hope it won’t change us,” Alexander said.

Regency Estates will replace its 40-year-old community swimming pool, and aims to complete the project by Memorial Day weekend this year.

The new pool will have “beach” entry, two full courses of swim lanes, a new vacuum and gutter filtration system and one- and three-meter diving boards.

Maryland Del. Brian Feldman (D-15) and Peter Kucik, a staff member for U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-8th) attended the groundbreaking at Regency on Monday, Feb. 27. Feldman lives with his family in the Regency neighborhood. “It’s going to be an enduring legacy for several decades to come,” Feldman said.