Man Pleads Guilty: Breaking & Entering

Man Pleads Guilty: Breaking & Entering

No one knows what would have happened had the Centreville woman's boyfriend not been home on leave from the military. But luckily, he was, so he was able to come to her aid when she was attacked by a neighbor.

DETAILS OF the incident unfurled Monday morning in Fairfax County Circuit Court, where the neighbor, Andrew Jackson Bullock, 45, entered an Alford plea of guilt.

He's charged with breaking and entering with the intent to commit assault and battery. And by giving an Alford plea, he didn't directly admit his guilt, but acknowledged that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict him.

Bullock was also charged with two counts of abduction and was initially slated to have a jury trial Monday on all three offenses. But Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney John Murphy agreed to drop the two abductions in exchange for Bullock's Alford plea of guilt on the other charge.

And in court Monday, the prosecutor explained to head Circuit Court Judge Michael McWeeny what the Commonwealth's case would have been had it gone to trial. (Centre View is not identifying the woman because she is a victim).

Murphy said that, in late 2005, Bullock and the woman, 26, lived in the same apartment building in the 6200 block of Ridge Pond Road in Centre Ridge. And he knew what kind of vehicle she drove. The incident occurred on Dec. 26, when Bullock decided to pay her a visit — at 1:30 in the morning.

"Unbeknownst to Bullock, [the woman] had a boyfriend in the military who was home on leave," said Murphy. So when Bullock knocked on her door, he was surprised to find it answered by her boyfriend, named Montiel, 26, who asked what he wanted.

"He lied and said he'd just hit [her] Jimmy truck and wanted to exchange [insurance] information with her," said Murphy. "The boyfriend asked if it could wait 'til morning, but finally went out in the hallway with him."

Suddenly, said Murphy, "Bullock rushed him and pushed him back into the apartment. They struggled and, to his horror, Montiel saw Bullock pull out what he thought was a handgun, but later realized was a 4-inch drill."

Bullock then headed toward the woman's bedroom, said Murphy, with Montiel trying to stop the much-larger man by jumping on his back. However, Bullock wouldn't be deterred and just kept going forward, carrying Montiel with him, "piggyback style," into the bedroom.

ONCE THERE, said Murphy, "[Bullock] ripped open the front of [the woman's] nightgown. He then pulled out boxcutters and cables and asked [the young couple] if they wanted to die."

"Montiel thought Bullock was going to bind and rape his girlfriend," continued Murphy. "So Montiel attempted to strangle Bullock with a belt, allowing her to break free and run for help."

Then Montiel pinned Bullock against the wall and held him there until police arrived. Explained Murphy: "[Montiel] was a former wrestler in school."

Police apprehended Bullock, first taking him to Inova Fair Oaks Hospital for treatment of minor injuries and then to the Adult Detention Center, where he was held without bond. Montiel sustained minor injuries to his hand, but was not taken to a hospital.

Bullock was indicted by the grand jury on Feb. 21. Then on Monday morning, March 13 — wearing the deep-green outfit of a county prisoner — he entered his plea in Circuit Court.

"Do you understand that the maximum sentence you could receive is up to 20 years in the state penitentiary?" asked Judge McWeeny. Bullock said he did. McWeeny also made sure the defendant understood that "there's no plea agreement with the Commonwealth, except to not bring other charges [against you] arising out of this incident."

He then accepted Bullock's Alford plea, and Murphy asked the judge to "revoke his bond because this is a serious charge and he is a convicted felon [prior drug offenses]."

Defense attorney Robert F. Horan III said Montiel "never testified at the preliminary hearing that he thought Bullock was going to bind and rape his girlfriend. He didn't want to be tied up."

McWeeny then revoked any bond Bullock may have had, sending him back to jail. He then ordered a pre-sentencing report made on Bullock and set his sentencing for May 5.