Christina Tucker: Choreographer

Christina Tucker: Choreographer

Critically acclaimed choreographer, Christina Tucker, has danced her way into the hearts of many with her innovative, yet traditional choreography that has defined Edison High School's musicals for the past two years. But Tucker is not all about dance. This senior also finds time to manage her academic career and finds time to volunteer at Animal Allies, a non-profit animal rescue group in the D.C. metropolitan area.

Tucker, who has been dancing since the second grade, has participated in more than eight forms of dance from ballet to hip-hop, which is her favorite genre of dancing, “It is so much fun,” said Tucker “It lets you let loose and not worry so much about the technical aspects (of dancing).” Though her choreography has had to remain true to the Bob Fosse mold for both of Edison's musicals, the unique style and gracefulness of her dances have charmed audiences and earned her a Cappie nomination for her work on “Pippin,” Edison's spring production last year.

Though many seniors struggle with choosing their path, Tucker has known for a long time what she wants to do with her life. “At my dance studio, I had my own ideas but I was never able to use them because I had to listen to the teachers,” said Tucker. All of that quickly changed when Christina found herself sitting in the Film Studies class taught by Edison’s drama director, Alyssa Passey. Students in the class were required to write a journal entry about what they wanted to do with their lives. Christina, of course, wrote about her aspirations to be a Broadway choreographer. Soon after, Tucker was asked if she would like an opportunity to teach others to dance. When Tucker accepted, she found out that the people she would be teaching were actors and she would be doing a whole lot more than teaching them to dance. Tucker was given creative license and soon pieced together a whole production of eye-catching dances that were fun to watch. It was quite apparent that Tucker was on her way to success.

Edison will miss its star choreographer when she leaves for college next year. Christina leaves behind an act that will be tough to follow.