Dancing, Singing and All Those Auditions

Dancing, Singing and All Those Auditions

From My Perspective

I look at the clock in my physics class at Centreville High School, and it still says 2:05. Five more minutes until the bell rings. I can’t wait for the “Kiss Me Kate” auditions. I wonder if other people are as excited as I am.

The bell finally rings and I head down to the chorus room. When I finally get there, I’m amazed that so many people have already signed up. I sign my name by number 83. “Oh great, this is going to take a while,” I thought. There are still about 40 people behind me.

The auditions start at 3:30 p.m. and everyone is anxious. Around 8, I finally get in to the choral audition. I think it went well. The choral teacher, Ms. Babcock is really nice, and she helps you feel calm. I get home and breathe a sigh of relief that the first audition is over.

The next day is acting auditions. I’ve taken theatre classes for the last three years, so I was feeling pretty good about those. Mr. Rogers is the head of the theatre department and he’s really nice. He makes you feel comfortable during the audition.

On Wednesday, we had the dance auditions. That one was the one that made my knees shake, literally and metaphorically! But they had a really nice system that helped me feel prepared. We all learned the audition piece at once and ran through it a couple of times. Then, 20 people got up on stage at a time and she re-taught the routine. While people were auditioning on stage, the people waiting were allowed to practice in the aisles. When I went up to audition, I was feeling pretty good about it.

Call backs happened on Thursday. Finally, on Friday the cast list went up. To find out if I made it, come to see the play!