And the 'Cappie' Nominees Are ...

And the 'Cappie' Nominees Are ...

The following students were nominated for the 2006 Cappies awards Monday. The nominations in 33 categories were determined by the votes of more than 300 critics who each reviewed at least five shows at other schools. The nominations in the four critics categories were determined half by number of reviews and half by number of reviews that were selected for publication.

All Cappies award voting is done through an advanced digital system developed by two students at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Samarth Keshava and Jeff Arnold, both of whom are now juniors in college, at Yale and M.I.T. They wrote nearly 20,000 lines of code for this purpose.

"Cappie" awards will be presented at the seventh annual Cappies Gala, at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall, at 7 p.m., Sunday, June 11.

The Cappies program originated in Northern Virginia in 1999. There are currently 58 participating schools in the National Capital Area, and 14 Cappies programs across the U.S. and Canada.


Rising Critic (ninth/10th grade)

Chelsea Cook, Home School ITS

Kyle Eichner, Sidwell Friends

Heide Hong, Wootton

Christina Manzo, Edison

Miriam Thomas, H-B Woodlawn

Returning Critic (11th grade)

Lauryn McCarter, Herndon

Maddy Smith, H-B Woodlawn

Nathan Taylor, West Springfield

Leanne Williams, Chantilly

Christina Wood, TC Williams

Graduating Critic (12th grade)

Sara Aultman, Hayfield

Rin Barton, Home School ITS

Ian Campbell, Stonewall Jackson

Abby Downs, TC Williams

Jackie Reed, Herndon

Critics Team


Home School ITS

Stonewall Jackson

TC Williams

West Springfield


Lane Bracken, St. Albans and National Cathedral, "The Secret Garden"

Cam Perrier, Jesse Smith, James Madison, "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Danielle Schender, Lake Braddock, "1984"

Ken Storch, Westfield, "Our Town"

Jake Thiewes, Stone Bridge, "Seussical"


Hannah Cariker, Tony Edivan, Alex Neumann, Stone Bridge, "Seussical"

Anthony Cullum, Sally Hall, Julian Karlen, Kate Klipfel, Herndon, "Wild Oats"

Mike Gendreau, Westfield, "Our Town"

Garrett Hennigan, St. Albans and National Cathedral, "The Secret Garden"

Alexandra Mannix, Episcopal, "Telemachus Clay"


Zoe Blackbourn, Katrina Comisiak, Alex Federman, Anuja Shah, Montgomery Blair, "Crazy for You"

Dustin Hancock, WT Woodson, "Jabberwock"

Kevin Jones, Marley Monk, Chantilly, "Auntie Mame"

Matt Karrenbauer, Centreville, "Noises Off"

Rob Ross, Mark Guillaudeu, Sabrina Alire, James Madison, "A Midsummer Night's Dream"


Hannah Goldman, Crissy Herrera, Cosima Storz, Bishop Ireton, "Zombie Prom"

Samantha Herold, Lindsay Hinz, Karen Siegmund, Yorktown, "Seussical"

Nicole Kardaras, Bishop O'Connell, "The Three Musketeers"

Kendra McCullough, Leanne Williams, Chantilly, "Auntie Mame"

Beth Van de Voorde, Annie Wilowatyj, Seton, "Annie, Get Your Gun"


Andrea Borrelli, Hannah Goldman, Bishop Ireton, "Zombie Prom"

Mireille Cecil, Lake Braddock, "1984"

Meredith Fifer, Anne Komer, St. Stephen's and St. Agnes, "The Tempest"

Hayley Mitz, Yorktown Make-up Crew, Yorktown, "Seussical"

Kim Reade, Katy Summerlin, Katie Vallas, Robinson, "Beauty and the Beast"

Props and Effects

Bethany Candalor, Julie Williams, Bishop Ireton, "Zombie Prom"

Sarah Langan, Centreville, "Noises Off"

Amanda Lodge, Jenna Socha, Lake Braddock, "1984"

Chris Miller, AJ Pendola, Whitney Pinkham, Stone Bridge, "Seussical"

Heather Vitner, Jeff Walton, WT Woodson, "Jabberwock"

Stage Crew

Kelly Alexander, Cindy Long, Stone Bridge, "Seussical"

Kevin Bingaman, Isaac Carruthers, Jennifer Collins, Elliott Shiotani, Montgomery Blair, "Crazy for You"

Chantilly Stage Crew, Chantilly, "Auntie Mame"

Bridget Woodbury, Walt Whitman, "West Side Story"

Yorktown Stage Crew, Yorktown, "Seussical"


Montgomery Blair Pit Orchestra, Montgomery Blair, "Crazy for You"

South Lakes Pit Orchestra, South Lakes, "Aida"

Stone Bridge Pit Orchestra, Stone Bridge, "Seussical"

Walt Whitman Pit Orchestra, Walt Whitman, "West Side Story"

Winston Churchill Pit Orchestra, Winston Churchill, "West Side Story"


Matt Bourne, Natalie Koski-Karrel, Ginny Mohler, Hugh Trimble, Yorktown, "Seussical"

Leah Edeline, Jessyka Myers, Chelsea Sorenson, Stone Bridge, "Seussical"

Stacey Jackson, Kelly Morrison, Sarah Wykowski, Seton, "Annie, Get Your Gun"

Cassandra Jones, Wakefield High, "The Wiz"

Jason Wolf, Lake Braddock, "1984"


Abby Downs (director), TC Williams, "The Dining Room"

Karen Kelleher (director), Paul VI, "Charley's Aunt"

Julia Nakad (director), H-B Woodlawn, "The Marriage of Bette and Boo"

Philip Noss (musician), Duke Ellington, "The Laramie Project"

Mehdi Rhanime (composer), JEB Stuart, "Arabian Nights"

Ensemble in a Play

Dr. and Mrs. Zubritsky, Hayfield, "Fools"

Four Ariels, St. Stephen's and St. Agnes, "The Tempest"

Jonathan and Dr. Einstein, Edison, "Arsenic and Old Lace"

Mechanicals, James Madison, "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Stage Managers, Westfield, "Our Town"

Ensemble in a Musical

Horton the Elephant, Yorktown, "Seussical"

Rita and Vinnie, Washington International, "Lucky Stiff"

Students, Bishop Ireton, "Zombie Prom"

Wickershams, Stone Bridge, "Seussical"

Winged Monkeys, Wakefield High, "The Wiz"

Cameo Actress

Kelly Cook, Wootton, "On The Town"

Katie Grant-Suttie, St. Albans and National Cathedral, "The Secret Garden"

Jade Jones, Westfield, "Our Town"

Johnee' Wilson, South County, "You Can't Take It With You"

Renee Wilson, Duke Ellington, "The Laramie Project"

Cameo Actor

Paul Bozzo, Westfield, "Our Town"

Chris DuGuay, Stone Bridge, "Seussical"

Byron Grant, Woodrow Wilson, "Grease"

Matthew Hailes, Duke Ellington, "The Laramie Project"

Matt Provance, Lake Braddock, "1984"

Female Dancer

Talia Gottlieb, Winston Churchill, "West Side Story"

Jessica Harris, Montgomery Blair, "Crazy for You"

Kristin James, Wakefield High, "The Wiz"

Becca McVety, West Potomac, "The Boyfriend"

Meghan Slupe, Stone Bridge, "Seussical"

Male Dancer

Joshua Berrent, Robinson, "Beauty and the Beast"

Jamil Garner, Wakefield High, "The Wiz"

Ryan Herold, Annandale, "Once Upon a Mattress"

Evan Howard, Winston Churchill, "West Side Story"

Johnny Myers, Seton, "Annie, Get Your Gun"

Female Vocalist

Mary Bridgwood, Stonewall Jackson, "Grease"

Catie Brown, Stone Bridge, "Seussical"

Erin Coffey, West Potomac, "The Boyfriend"

Elizabeth Hankla, St. Albans and National Cathedral, "The Secret Garden"

Haydn Haring, Langley, "Damn Yankees"

Male Vocalist

Chris Douglas, West Springfield, "Les Miserables"

Ben Hoffman, Winston Churchill, "West Side Story"

Will Lockhart, St. Albans and National Cathedral, "The Secret Garden"

Kevin Manship, Westfield, "Our Town"

Jim Smith, Hylton, "Guys and Dolls"

Comic Actress in a Play

Caroline Brent, H-B Woodlawn, "The Marriage of Bette and Boo"

Celina Ces, Bishop O'Connell, "The Three Musketeers"

Kelsey Mahoney, Hayfield, "Fools"

Zeenat Nabi, St. Andrew's, "Romeo and Juliet"

Laura Prahlad, Wakefield School, "Blithe Spirit"

Comic Actor in a Play

Greg Benson, H-B Woodlawn, "The Marriage of Bette and Boo"

Will Canine, Episcopal, "Telemachus Clay"

Alex Dobbs, Herndon, "Wild Oats"

Sam Ludwig, James Madison, "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Landon Randolph, Edison, "Arsenic and Old Lace"

Comic Actress in a Musical

Jessie Jolles, Langley, "Damn Yankees"

Jasmine Mahboob, West Springfield, "Les Miserables"

Mary Myers, Bishop Ireton, "Zombie Prom"

Brittany Rosato, Seton, "Annie, Get Your Gun"

Jenny Statler, Yorktown, "Seussical"

Comic Actor in a Musical

Michael Allen, Robinson, "Beauty and the Beast"

Ersan Aygun, Woodrow Wilson, "Grease"

Samuel Rabinovitz, Annandale, "Once Upon a Mattress"

Mario Samayoa, Washington-Lee, "Ernest in Love"

Nathan Taylor, West Springfield, "Les Miserables"

Featured Actress in a Play

Carol Clark, TC Williams, "The Dining Room"

Ina Dixon, Episcopal, "Telemachus Clay"

Amanda Fernandez, Duke Ellington, "The Laramie Project"

Courtney Siegert, Chantilly, "Auntie Mame"

Maddy Smith, H-B Woodlawn, "The Marriage of Bette and Boo"

Featured Actor in a Play

David Barchet, Centreville, "Noises Off"

Christian Campbell, Duke Ellington, "The Laramie Project"

Cameron Doucette, Lake Braddock, "1984"

Nick Horner, Bishop O'Connell, "The Three Musketeers"

Bob Komer, St. Stephen's and St. Agnes, "The Tempest"

Featured Actress in a Musical

Melanie Ashkar, Washington International, "Lucky Stiff"

Morgan Briggs, South Lakes, "Aida"

Braden Lake, St. Albans and National Cathedral, "The Secret Garden"

Michaela Lieberman, Walt Whitman, "West Side Story"

Meredith Mazie, West Springfield, "Les Miserables"

Featured Actor in a Musical

Garrett Brennan, Stone Bridge, "Seussical"

Jack Powers, West Springfield, "Les Miserables"

Patrick Rooney, Robert E. Lee, "Little Shop of Horrors"

Eric Strott, Robinson, "Beauty and the Beast"

Reed Wilson, Walt Whitman, "West Side Story"

Lead Actress in a Play

Molly Dickerson, South County, "You Can't Take It With You"

Rebecca Hollingsworth, Duke Ellington, "The Laramie Project"

Abba Kaiser, Chantilly, "Auntie Mame"

Brittney Lewis, Fairfax, "J.B."

Sarah Pike, Westfield, "Our Town"

Lead Actor in a Play

Anthony Arnista, Paul VI, "Charley's Aunt"

Corey-Antonio Hawkins, Duke Ellington, "The Laramie Project"

Graham Hooper, H-B Woodlawn, "The Marriage of Bette and Boo"

Alex Krall, McLean High, "Our Town"

Will Quinn, Westfield, "Our Town"

Lead Actress in a Musical

Rachel Alba, West Springfield, "Les Miserables"

Lindsey Mitchell, Annandale, "Once Upon a Mattress"

Kate Page, St. Albans and National Cathedral, "The Secret Garden"

Liney Pugh, Stone Bridge, "Seussical"

Nicole Smith, Seton, Annie, "Get Your Gun"

Lead Actor in a Musical

Benjamin Chirlin, Washington International, "Lucky Stiff"

Adam Clark, Flint Hill, "Pippin"

Eric Jurenas, Annandale, "Once Upon a Mattress"

Matt Mooney, Wootton, "On The Town"

Mace Sorenson, Stone Bridge, "Seussical"


"Anything You Can Do," Seton, "Annie, Get Your Gun"

"Lily's Eyes," St. Albans and National Cathedral, "The Secret Garden"

"Master of the House," West Springfield, "Les Miserables"

"Oh, the Thinks You Can Think," Stone Bridge, "Seussical"

"Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat," Hylton, "Guys and Dolls"


"Auntie Mame," Chantilly

"The Laramie Project," Duke Ellington

"The Marriage of Bette and Boo," H-B Woodlawn

"A Midsummer Night's Dream," James Madison

"Our Town," Westfield


"Annie, Get Your Gun," Seton

"Les Miserables," West Springfield

"Seussical," Stone Bridge

"Seussical," Yorktown

"Zombie Prom," Bishop Ireton