50 Years in the Family

50 Years in the Family

Karin's Florist, which sits on Maple Avenue East, celebrated its 50th anniversary last week. Although the shop, which specializes in flowers and plants, premium party and gift items, sweets, wines and champagnes, spent its first 38 years at Seven Corners, it has all along been owned and operated by a Vienna family.

Bill Dukas co-founded the business with his father-in-law in 1956 and named it after his first daughter. Dukas' son, George, took over the business about 25 years ago, and his second daughter, Maris Angolia, became the vice president about 10 years ago. Karin Arnette, the company's namesake, operates an imprinting business, Karin's Custom Images, in Great Falls.

"It's been a week of festivities," said Angolia, describing the Fun Day at the store Saturday, Oct. 28, which featured children's music and more. Last Saturday, the store held a reception with product tastings and raffles for such prizes as a car detailing, a trip to the Rose Bowl or a diamond necklace.