‘Shakespeare in Hollywood’ at South Lakes

‘Shakespeare in Hollywood’ at South Lakes

Lights, Camera, Action! Ken Ludwig’s fast paced comedy, “Shakespeare in Hollywood” joins both fact and fiction as it follows Max Reinhardt’s directorial debut of the classic 1934 movie, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” You may have recognized Ludwig from his earlier works of “Crazy For You,” “Moon Over Buffalo,” and “Lend Me a Tenor,” however “Shakespeare in Hollywood” proves to be both amusing and full of charming possibilities.

Follow Shakespeare's famed fairies, Oberon (played by Riley Keenan) and Puck (played by Molly Palmer), as they magically appear on the Warner Brother’s Hollywood set of Max Reinhardt's “A Midsummer Night's Dream.” Captivated by the glitz and glamour of show biz, the two fairies are asked by Max Reinhardt (played by Nelson Gillum) to star as themselves. Throw in a magical flower, love triangles, mistaken identities, and mischief is bound to happen.

"‘Shakespeare in Hollywood’ will charm your socks off,” says Terry Teachout from The Wall Street Journal. “So deliciously inventive, you'd swear that Ludwig and the Bard were in cahoots," says J.Wynn Rousuck from The Baltimore Sun.

“We are very pleased to be granted rights to produce this new production by Ken Ludwig,” says director Maria Harris. “We have some exciting and fun events planned to showcase this production!”

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