Shirlington Library Closed

Shirlington Library Closed

The Shirlington Library is closed due to damage from a flood and will reopen in its new location in January, county officials said last week.

The Shirlington Library space was damaged during the weekend of Nov. 11-12 by waste water from the sewer line of the restaurant located above it. On the advice of safety experts, the library was immediately closed to customers and staff, officials said.

The branch suffered water damage and waste contamination to the ceiling, carpet, sheet rock walls and furniture. Some of the collection was directly damaged by water and other parts of the collection were damaged from excess moisture. The full extent of the damage has not yet been assessed.

The library’s book drops remain open, and items may be returned to other library locations. Materials may also be renewed online. The library staff is attempting to relocate story and book discussion programs to nearby community centers.

The new Shirlington library branch will open in January, in a new county facility that will also house Signature Theatre. The library will be located on the ground floor of the building, with Signature’s offices and performing space on the second through fourth stories. A public plaza in front of the building will be used for small concerts and other community events, county officials said.

The county is paying for the construction of the building’s shell and infrastructure, and Signature is providing the interior work.