Three Are Indicted by Grand Jury

Three Are Indicted by Grand Jury

A Fairfax County grand jury last week indicted three people for crimes committed in the local area. They are Allen Eugene Black Jr., Ronald Michael Young and Kenneth John Dias III.

<sh>Allen Black

<bt>Allen Eugene Black Jr., 26, of 4309 Willoughby Court in Chantilly's Poplar Tree Estates community, is accused of breaking and entering. Fairfax County police believe he burglarized a home on the same block where he lives.

On July 1, a citizen called police to report that he/she had seen a man leave that home with a suitcase. And that man was allegedly identified as Black.

Police then executed a search warrant July 5 at Black's house and seized several items that the victim had reported missing, including particular brands of liquor, a DVD player, an MP3 player and specific movie DVDs. They then charged the Chantilly man with breaking and entering.

Last Monday, Nov. 20, the grand jury indicted him. He's now scheduled to enter a plea Nov. 28 in Circuit Court.

<sh>Ronald Young

<bt>Ronald Michael Young is one of two men accused of robbing three banks in Fairfax County and two in Loudoun County.

Prince William County police arrested both him and Geoffrey Rogers on April 16, after an alleged unsuccessful carjacking attempt in that county. Rogers, 41, is from Paducah, Ky., and Young, 35, lives in Manassas.

Fairfax police believe they committed the following robberies:

* March 17 - 10:30 a.m., United Bank, 13060 Fair Lakes Shopping Center in Fairfax.

* March 28 - 1:44 p.m., BB&T Bank, 13821 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy. in Chantilly.

* March 30 - 10:30 a.m., Virginia Commerce Bank, 13881 Metrotech Drive in Chantilly.

According to Fairfax County police, both Rogers and Young "confessed to their involvement in the robberies. Young admitted to driving the [getaway car] to and from the robberies within Fairfax County."

Authorities in both counties charged the pair with their respective robberies, and cases are now proceeding against them. Regarding the bank robberies here, on Nov. 20, the grand jury indicted Young on all three counts, and he's slated for a Dec. 18 jury trial in Circuit Court. Rogers isn't scheduled to appear in Fairfax County General District Court until Jan. 29.

<sh>Kenneth Dias III

<bt>Kenneth John Dias III, 18, of Clinton, Md., is charged with gang participation in connection with the Oct. 13 stabbing of a 16-year-old Fairfax boy inside Fair Oaks Mall.

Police say the victim walked into the mall that evening, around 6:30 p.m., with a woman, 21, and boy, 14, both from Fairfax, and was allegedly stabbed in the midsection by Dias. The victim was treated at the hospital and released.

Dias' attorney, Bob Whitestone, later said that everyone involved in the incident was armed with knives — even the victim. The grand jury indicted Dias on Nov. 20. He's scheduled to appear Dec. 27 in Circuit Court.