Martial Arts Center Moving to New Spot in Centre Ridge

Martial Arts Center Moving to New Spot in Centre Ridge

Owners will relocate from Pickwick to Centre Ridge.

Sung's American Martial Arts Center is for kicks — and lunges and jabs and fun. And it's become so popular that owners Sharon and Master Yunho Song are planning to move their business from one Centreville location to another.

The Oak Hill couple has run the martial-arts facility out of the Pickwick Shopping Center for the past 16 years. But now, said Sharon Song, "The business is growing, and we wanted a bigger space."

The martial-arts center offers a variety of programs for adults, children and even one geared just for women. The adult class provides instruction in traditional Tae Kwon Do skills, while giving participants a high-energy workout strengthening both their bodies and minds.

Master Song said the classes also increase people's flexibility and revitalize their spirit. And, he added, the friendships made by being part of a Tae Kwon Do Family are an extra bonus.

CHILDREN ARE taught on the basis of their own, individual ability and skills. And Master Song explained that the many benefits they receive include physical fitness, self-confidence, better concentration, improved self-discipline and development of a winning attitude.

Besides Tae Kwon Do, the center also teaches Haedong Kumdo — traditional, Korean, sword martial arts. Classes include everything from defense and striking techniques to meditation.

Represented by land-use attorney Jane Kelsey, the Songs came to the Sept. 19 meeting of the West Fairfax County Citizens Association (WFCCA) Land-Use Committee to discuss their plans to move their business to the Marketplace at Centre Ridge.

The new home of Sung's American Martial Arts Center will be the former site of Centreville Mini Golf & Games, which is now defunct. On Multiplex Drive, across from the movie-theater parking lot, it's a 7,000-square-foot building which used to house the miniature-golf operations, plus arcade games and laser tag.

Armand's Pizza is still open there, and Kelsey said it will continue operating, even after the new tenants move in. "So it's pizza and martial arts?" asked WFCCA's Russ Wanek. "Yes," replied Kelsey.

She said the "old, fake rock" outside the building will be removed, and there'll be an outside exercise area. But classes will be mainly indoors, and a summer martial-arts camp is also planned.

"The golf-course structures will be taken down, but nothing else will be done to it, at this time," said Kelsey. "We think grass would be preferable to what's there now. And ultimately, there'll be a building renovation and site improvements."

"I live in Centre Ridge and will be glad to see some improvements there," said WFCCA Chairman Jim Katcham. WFCCA's Chris Terpak-Malm said the committee would like to see further plans for these improvements when they're available.

MASTER SONG said he plans to remodel the inside of the building and clean up the outside. But his most-pressing, immediate need is to relocate his martial-arts center as soon as possible.

"I'm already paying the lease, but I can't get into the building, yet," he said. "So I've had to extend my lease [at Pickwick] and my budget is going the wrong way."

Katcham said the WFCCA supports "the idea of a school there, and we'd like to see what has been an eyesore in that shopping center resolved." However, he added, "We'd like a timeframe of when you'll get these things done."

Since this was the Songs' first appearance before the WFCCA, and was for information purposes only, they'll return again at a later date with an update of their plans.