Police Charge Gaskins with Ecstasy Distribution

Police Charge Gaskins with Ecstasy Distribution

Fairfax County police have charged a 20-year-old Centreville man — who, they say, reportedly kept drugs and money in his shoes and socks — with distribution of ecstasy. The man, Brian Gaskins, lives at 15111 Olddale Road, adjacent to Deer Park Elementary.

AN UNDERCOVER detective with the police department's Organized Crime Division, Narcotics Section, presented details of the case against Gaskins in a Sept. 22 affidavit for a warrant to seek possible evidence in his home.

He wrote that police began a narcotics investigation of Gaskins this fall. And he noted that a check of the National Crime Information Center revealed that Gaskins had been arrested in 2005 and charged with distribution of marijuana, robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Gaskins was later convicted of the drug charge and, on Jan. 17, 2006 in Circuit Court, he was sentenced to 20 days in jail — which he was allowed to serve on the weekends. However, authorities believe he allegedly continued his drug-dealing ways after his release.

As part of an ongoing investigation, police arrested him again on Sept. 21. But this time, they charged him with ecstasy distribution after a substance reportedly sold by him to another field-tested positive for ecstasy.

In the affidavit, the detective wrote that he advised Gaskins of his Miranda rights following his arrest, but Gaskins allegedly waived them and spoke to the detective. "During the interview, Gaskins advised [me] that there is more ecstasy at his address," he wrote.

Knowing from experience that people who distribute drugs usually keep a supply on hand to meet their customers' demands — plus lists of suppliers, customers and amounts owed and paid for the drugs — the detective requested a search warrant for Gaskins' home. He hoped to find illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia and associated records and documents.

Police executed the warrant Sept. 22 and seized — all from the same bedroom — various records and documents, as well as a sock containing marijuana and ecstasy pills, plus a shoe full of cash.

After his arrest, Gaskins was released from the Adult Detention Center, Sept. 22, on $3,500 bond. He has a Dec. 18 court date.