In Arlington, Vote Yes for Parks, Community, Metro, Schools and Clean Water


Voters in Arlington should say yes to five local bond questions seeking funding for parks, community facilities, Metro, schools and sewer improvements.

County and school officials must be responsive to citizens’ concerns about the process and the fact that some projects voters approved funding for years ago are still incomplete, and others are dramatically over budget. The Civic Federation, an umbrella organization of neighborhood associations, passed a resolution in October calling on the school and county boards to only place construction projects on bond referenda if design plans are "reasonably complete" and cost estimates finalized.

Construction costs have risen dramatically in the past few years, forcing almost all big construction projects’ costs above original estimates, not just in Arlington. County officials said they understand residents get frustrated when projects take years longer than originally anticipated, but maintained that even the most thought-out plans sometimes are best adjusted over time.

Nevertheless, the projects identified are needed, and Arlington residents have a history of strong support for funding such infrastructure.