Week In Great Falls

Week In Great Falls

<sh>Signal Alteration at Towlston Road

<bt>After receiving several e-mails expressing concern about a recent change in signal operation at the intersection of Leesburg Pike and Towlston Road, VDOT area engineer Don Moyer provided the following explanation: Several months ago, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) altered the signal at Leesburg Pike and Towlston Road so that each direction on Towlston moved individually — this strategy is referred to as split phasing.

According to Moyer, this was done on an experimental basis, with the intention of improving service to the side streets. In order to serve traffic on Towlston with split phasing, green time had to be taken away from Leesburg Pike. Unfortunately, the result increased back-ups on Leesburg Pike.

Moyer said that because of the negative impact on the main line, VDOT elected to change the intersection back to concurrent side-street phasing, as it had operated previously. Part of the decision-making process included a review of the crash data for this location during the past three years. This investigation revealed only one crash involving side-street conflicts, which is low for this large an intersection.

According to Moyer, VDOT will be reviewing the pavement markings and signing at the intersection to determine if improvement can be made, particularly to the side street operation. Also, the Signal Operations Section has created a new timing plan for this intersection in cooperation with the school, which provides extra side-street time during dismissal. To note concerns, contact Don Moyer at 703-383-2420, or e-mail at Donald.Moyer@VDOT.Virginia.gov.

<sh>Blood Drive for Dogs

<bt>A Blood Drive for dogs will be held at Great Falls Animal Hospital, Thursday, Nov. 2 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. The address is 10125 Colvin Run Road. Contact Karen Bracken-Penley at 703-759-2330 to schedule a time. All participants will receive t-shirts. If the response is significant, the Red Cross will start scheduling a regular blood drive in the Great Falls area to make it easier and simpler for residents to donate.

<sh>Survey on Community Safety

<bt>The Great Falls Citizens Association and Neighbors International have teamed up to create a task force to discuss community safety. Both the Great Falls Citizens Association and Neighbors are meeting with local police to see what residents’ concerns are and the best ways to resolve any issues at hand. To achieve this, both groups need to know what local residents are thinking. The task force is meeting each Monday until its presentation at the GFCA meeting on Dec. 12. To get a copy of the questionnaire via e-mail, e-mail Sharon Rainey at sharon.rainey@neighbors-international.com, or Jackie Taylor at jtaylor703@aol.com.