Volunteers Clean Up Loudoun

Volunteers Clean Up Loudoun

Potomac River Watershed’s annual cleanup comes to Loudoun.

Volunteers spread out over two locations in Lansdowne Saturday, doing their part to help clean up the Potomac River Watershed. They collected trash along Goose Creek and at the Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park, March 31, until noon.

"There is not nearly as much trash this year," Dave Thomas, site coordinator for Goose Creek, said. "I don’t know if it is the people getting better or the community or if a lot of it has to do with the lack of construction right around here this year."

Over at the Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park, a new site in the watershed cleanup, however, things were a little different.

"We collected over 15 bags [of trash]," Bob McGraw, the site’s coordinator, said. "It is mostly trash from the construction site right here that blew over. Lots of plastic bags, Styrofoam."

Volunteers at the park even found a large tire and a Town of Leesburg recycling box.

"Talk about irony," McGraw said.

Volunteers of all ages came out to the site located next to the Lansdowne golf course, and many got lucky, McGraw said, collecting dozens of lost golf balls.

"Lansdowne Resort has again offered to pick all the trash up in their golf carts and dispose of it," McGraw said. "I think we did good here."

— Erika Jacobson