Pursuing a ‘More Artful Place’

Pursuing a ‘More Artful Place’

Teens create earrings, bracelets.

Great Falls resident and jewelry maker Donna Barnako conducted a jewelry-making workshop on April 4 for teens at the Great Falls Community Library. Barnako is a member of the local artists’ consortium Great Falls Studios, and the workshop was sponsored by the Friends of the Great Falls Library in conjunction with the effort of Great Falls Studios to make Great Falls a “more artful place.”

Seven teenagers came to the workshop, two of whom were boys. Barnako showed the students how to make several pairs of earrings, a beaded bracelet and a pearl necklace.

“They said their favorite thing was making the earrings, and indeed, when they had a spare moment, they all went back to making more,” said Barnako. “Each took home about two to three pairs.”

Barnako said that the boys made gifts for their mothers, in addition to some wooden beaded bracelets for themselves.

“One of the girls gave all the jewelry to her mom while she was in the room, and the mom was overwhelmed and said that they would share them,” said Barnako. “All the moms were very pleased and surprised at what their kids had made.”