Girl Power on the Road

Girl Power on the Road

Girl Authority comes to Jammin’ Java Saturday, April 21 with its new release "Road Trip."

What's your name? Age? How did you become a singer? My name is Zoe, and I just turned 10! I've always loved to sing, ever since I was really little. When I was about 4, my mom took me to see "Annie," and I knew right then that performing was exactly what I wanted to do.

What is the relationship between all of the girls in the group? Are you all friends? Yes, we are all friends. We've known each other for a long time through theater. In fact, the first play I was in, when I was six, I was Molly and Alex (Fashion Girl) was Annie! I think I've been in different shows with every one of the Girl Authority girls.

Each girl in the group has a different identity. Which one are you, and why? I am Preppy Girl because I have a preppy style. My clothes tend to be pink and bright and peppy, and my attitude is like that too.

What’s the most exciting thing about your new album, "Road Trip"? There are so many exciting things about it! Something really fun is that we sing some original songs that songwriters wrote for us. But the cover songs we sing are fun, too. I like the clothes we wear on our tour because they're really bright and spring-like. You know, the whole album is just exciting!

Why do you think the band chose a "road" theme for the new album? We picked it because we knew we would be touring for this record, and we kept thinking how much fun we were going to have traveling around together. A lot of the songs on the album also have to do with taking a trip, like "Holiday," "Vacation," and "Life is a Highway".

Of all of the songs you cover on the new album, which are your favorite? Well, we all got to pick our own solos, and I picked "The Loco-Motion." When I was really little, I used to love that song. I would dance around my kitchen to it all the time. I think it's cool that I got to sing it for the CD! And now when I perform it live, I get to dance around on stage!

What’s the most exciting part of being in a band? Just getting to do what I love to do, which is perform. And getting to do it with my friends is a blast.

What’s the biggest drawback? I definitely have less time for other things. I've had to miss birthday parties for friends and playdates and stuff. That's a bummer, but I know I'm really lucky that I have this chance to sing and dance and be part of Girl Authority.

How would you best describe a Girl Authority show? A Girl Authority show is all about fun. We're all really excited to be on stage, and the audience is really excited to be at the show. We sort of feed off of each other — the band and the audience, I mean — and the excitement becomes something really amazing. I love when kids in the audience come right up to the stage and put their hands up for us to touch them — it's so cool!

What does Girl Authority offer its audience that other bands in the music business does not? I don't really like to compare, but I would say that we are a group that kids can definitely listen to and come see our shows without their parents worrying. We're just kids, too, so our songs and dances are all kid-friendly. There's nothing inappropriate that kids would feel uncomfortable about.

What does the future hold for the group? Well, we'll keep touring for this record. One really exciting thing is that we've been asked to sing at a huge Girl Scout event in D.C. on June 9. We're looking forward to that. We're also going to make another CD, and I might have an idea about the theme, but I think I'm not supposed to tell yet!

Girl Authority plays Saturday, April 21, 1 p.m. at Jammin’ Java, 227 Maple Ave., Vienna. Tickets: $10. For more on the group, visit Visit for venue details.