Retired Officers Listen to Candidates

Retired Officers Listen to Candidates

Morrogh, Petersen and Scott address law enforcement community.

About 30 people, 10 guns and three candidates were crammed into the back room of the Pan Am Family Restaurant in Fairfax on Wednesday morning, April 18.

"Those of you in law enforcement mean everything to me," said Ray Morrogh, candidate for the Fairfax County commonwealth attorney seat. Addressing a group of current and retired law enforcement officials, Morrogh said he devoted his career to law enforcement. He became the chief deputy to Bob Horan, county’s commonwealth attorney for the past 40 years, in 1988. Horan recently announced he would not seek reelection in November.

"There will be no one who can replace Bob Horan, but every day I will work hard," said Morrogh. "I have the experience and they say I have the integrity" to serve as the county’s commonwealth attorney. Morrogh faces a challenge from Patrick McDade for the position.

Jim Riddel, a retired Fairfax County Police investigator, said Morrogh was more than Horan’s right-hand man for the past almost 20 years. "He was Bob Horan’s two arms and legs," said Riddel.

"When it comes to prosecutors you can’t go wrong with this man," said Chap Petersen, the Democratic challenger to Sen. Jean Marie Devolites Davis (R-34). Petersen, a lawyer, said Morrogh is the best person to replace Horan.

"I have known Ray [Morrogh] for a long time and I just can’t imagine a better successor to Bob [Horan]," said Del. Jim Scott (D-53).

RIDDEL SAID PETERSEN is as hard a working candidate for police officers as there is. "Check his record in the House of Delegates," said Riddel. "Just like Ray Morrogh, you can’t go wrong with this man."

Petersen, a Fairfax High School graduate, said he was a fighter and someone who is willing to speak on his clients’ behalf. "Every now and then you need somebody to stand up and say what’s right," said Petersen. "I want you to think, ‘If I have Chap Petersen on my team, I have a fighter,’" he said.

Petersen received a boost from Sen. Dick Saslaw’s (D-35) legislative aid Janet Muldoon. She said Saslaw is the minority leader in the State Senate, and that he and other candidates are working hard to change that to a majority in November’s elections. "It will be an important year. There will be a lot of changes in both bodies," said Muldoon.

"He’s going to be a great senator," said Scott about Petersen. "I’m very enthusiastic about his candidacy."

Even though Scott does not have an opponent in November’s election, Riddel offered his support to him. "He’s always voted for law enforcement. Everybody knows how good he is" to law enforcement officials, said Riddel.

Although the candidates present at the luncheon were all from the Democratic Party, Riddel said that they were asked to come to the luncheon because of their proven records for law enforcement officials, not party affiliation. One of the main issues the retired law enforcement community is pursuing is increase in subsidy for widows and retired police officers. Riddel urged those attending the luncheon to call their county supervisors in support of increasing the subsidy. "When you get to a certain age, every $10, $15 or $20 helps," he said.