Brother and Sister Duo 'Jammage Inc.'

Brother and Sister Duo 'Jammage Inc.'

Brother and sister Bradley and Kimberly Perrow of Rocky Run have started the band Jammage Inc. — a fusion of Rock, pop and folk.

Bradley, 19, originally formed the band during his first year at George Mason University with a friend. About a year ago, after the band had split up, Bradley had heard his sister Kimberly, 16, sing and wanted her to be in his band and become a brother and sister duo. They are the children of Kathy and the late Mark Perrow.

"KIMBERLY IS an amazing singer and I’ve been playing the acoustic guitar and I sing, and I thought the combination would be great for harmonies," said Bradley.

While Kimberly loves Tenacious D and credits it as a major influence, she also likes John Mayer and Jason Mraz. For Bradley, he is inspired by Ryan Adams, Queen and Foo Fighters. The duo's sound is a mixture between

Gavin DeGraw and Joss Stone.

Kimberly and Bradley practice in their music room at home where there are amps, a keyboard, a piano and bongos.

"Our mom is so supportive of our music. She actually sometimes sings at our shows," said Bradley. They have also recently performed at their aunt's wedding. While they sing cover albums such as Snow Patrol’s "Chasing Cars," they try to keep the songs original and just recently, Kimberly has started writing her own songs.

"Everyone thought he was an amazing guitarist. He’s been playing since the eighth grade — it’s his passion," said Kimberly of her brother. Their first show was at Jazzman’s Café on the campus of GMU, and now they play at various cafés in the area. In their spare time they are both in chorus at school, hang out with friends, and have jobs this summer — Kimberly works at Monet salon as a receptionist in Centreville while Bradley works at Barnes & Noble in Fairfax. During the school year Bradley is on the program board committee which searches for local talent and organizes student events at GMU. In the fall Kimberly, will be studying theater.

FOR NOW, Jammage Inc. would like to be a local fixture in the music scene. "We don’t want to be too big, we just want to be local and just be relaxed and have people know us by name — nothing huge," said Bradley.

While Kimberly will be a rising junior at Westfield High School, she wants to have a career in music — at least music-related. Bradley will be a rising junior at George Mason and wants to become an English teacher, but still wants music to be a part of his life.

"Ideally I would teach during the day and at night I would play gigs," said Bradley. For now, they are in pre-production of recording a CD. "We just want to have fun, and sing and just play music," said Bradley. Visit their Web site at