Second Suspect Charged in Robbery

Second Suspect Charged in Robbery

Fairfax County police believe a June 22 robbery of a Chantilly convenience store was a family affair.

They already arrested Robert F. Price, 30, of 5750 Backlick Road, No. 202, in Springfield. And now they've charged his brother, Rickey Fentrell Price, 21, of no fixed address, with the same crime.

THE ROBBERY happened at the Prime Mart in the 4300 block of Chantilly Shopping Center. Police said two masked men

"using a taser/stun gun as their weapon" entered the store just after 6 a.m., while others waited outside. The clerk, 51, of Herndon, was alone, and the intruder overpowered him and demanded money.

The clerk wasn't seriously injured, but the robber took an undisclosed amount of cash, plus store and personal items, and fled. Police were called, and Robert Price was soon apprehended nearby and charged with robbery and abduction with the intent to extort money.

In a June 25 affidavit to look for possible evidence in his green, 2000, Dodge Durango SUV, police Det. John Vickery presented details of the case against him. He wrote that, on the day of the offense, a customer arrived at the business and observed a green, Dodge Durango parked nearby and a man talking on a cell phone while standing in the roadway.

"The customer then observed a second subject exit the business, wearing a hood and ski mask," wrote Vickery. "The witness [saw] the subject on the cell phone run toward the green, Dodge Durango and enter the driver's side."

Then, wrote the detective, "The vehicle drives away. The subject wearing the ski mask runs east in front of the businesses adjacent [to] the location. The customer calls police and [describes] the vehicle."

PATROL OFFICERS from the Sully District Police Station found it in a parking lot in Chantilly's Rockland Village community — half a mile from the Prime Mart. Then, wrote Vickery, "Approximately 40 feet from the vehicle, officers located [Robert Price], who [reportedly] matched the description of the person" who was seen outside the store and who'd driven the Durango to and from the robbery. And he was later identified as its owner.

Police executed the search warrant for the Durango on June 26 and seized items including: A taser and accessories, ski mask, cigarettes, cigars, lighters, counter displays, a jug with folding knives, bandanas, sunglasses, checks, a bank bag and denominational paper-money bands. They also seized two cell phones and some clothing.

Following his arrest, Robert Price was released from jail June 29 on $5,000 bond. His younger brother Rickey was arrested July 10 by the Georgia/Southeast Task Force of the U.S. Marshal Service in Macon, Ga. Also helping was the Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force.

Rickey waived extradition and Fairfax County police detectives brought him back to Virginia. They charged him with robbery, abduction with intent to extort money, wearing a mask in public and possession of a stun gun by a convicted felon. He's being held without bond.

In July 26 affidavits to obtain saliva/cheek-lining DNA samples from each brother, Det. Eric Deane wrote that DNA may potentially be recovered from the evidence seized from the Durango. Therefore, he wants samples from both Rickey and Robert Price to see if their DNA matches what's found on the items taken from the getaway car. Both men have Sept. 4 court dates.