Swim Results - July 7th, 2007

Swim Results - July 7th, 2007

Hamlet 216

Donaldson Run 186

The Hamlet Green Feet defeated the Donaldson Run Thunderbolts by a score of 216-186 in a NVSL Division 1 meet. The win over Donaldson Run improved Hamlet's record to 2-1 for the season and left the Feet in a three-way tie for second place in Division 1 with Vienna Aquatic Club and Chesterbrook. In the Donaldson Run meet, the Green Feet had five double winners in the individual events: Garrett Walsh won the 9-10 freestyle (32.06 seconds) and backstroke (39.41); William Lichtenfels won the 11-12 freestyle (31.58) and backstroke (38.09); Trager Metge won the13-14 freestyle (28.16) and butterfly (31.37); Ines Vera won the 9-10 freestyle (35.25) and backstroke (41.61); and Anne Gent won the 11-12 freestyle (31.32) and butterfly (34.83).

Old Keene Mill 215

Great Falls 182

Great Falls (0-3) lost a close meet to Old Keene Mill on July 7, 2007. Double winners included Max Wingo, Will Kemmerer, Elizabeth Longosz and Maggie Kovacs. Will Kemmerer set a team record in 9-10 boys backstroke with a time of 39.37 seconds. Other first place winners included Jake Osburn, Ty Kovacs, Jake McCarty, Marina Smith, Ana Mulligan, Annie Kemmerer, Jaimie Mulligan and Rachel McGonigal.

Cardinal Hill 236

Sideburn Run 166

Cardinal Hill won at home against Sideburn Run in NVSL Division 5 action with the Cardinals’ Adam Pennington breaking two team records. Pennington broke the record he set last week for boys 13-14 freestyle with a new time of 26.46 seconds. He also broke the team record for boys 13-14 backstroke with a time of 29.63.

Double winners for Cardinal Hill were Gus Lee (boys 8 and under freestyle and breaststroke), Grayson Smith (boys 11-12 breaststroke and butterfly), Steven LeDuc (boys 13-14 freestyle and butterfly), Clare Kehoe (girls 9-10 backstroke and butterfly), Ali Queen (girls 11-12 freestyle and breaststroke), Ana Fernandez (girls 13-14 freestyle and butterfly).

McLean 205

Highlands 197

In a very close neighborhood rivalry, the McLean Marlins narrowly defeated the Highlands Whomping Turtles with a score of 205-197. The Marlins set three new team records. The 15-18 girls 200-meter medley relay team of Hilary Fritz, Samantha Case, Elizabeth Gorman, and Antonia Paris set a new team record with a time of 2 minutes, 15.44 seconds, breaking the old record set in 1985.

Andrew Seliskar set two new team records. In the boys 9-10 50-meter backstroke, Andrew set a record with a time of 34.90, beating his own record set earlier in the season. He also set a new team record in the boys 9-10 50-meter breaststroke with a time of 43.06, beating the record set in 2002 by Christopher King.

Double winners for the Marlins were Madeline Dalzell, Madalyn Ulrich, Megan Murphy, Hilary Fritz, Jack Saunders, Andrew Seliskar, James McJunkin, and Jake McCarron. Double winners for Highlands were Colton Heuple, Thea Kromer, Brian Murphy, Charlie Putnam and Lina Zimmerman. Charlie Putnam set a team record for the boys 13-14 50 meter back stroke with a time of 28.90.

Highlands Diving 38

Mantua 34

In diving news, Highlands (2-0) prevailed over Mantua 38-34. Three team records were set. Freshman Johnny Bowman (70.25), intermediate Ian Clark (120.95) and senior Cameron Hancock (201.15). The Highlands dive team will square off with Sleepy Hollow Recreation and Overlee this week.

Langley 235

Dowden Terrace 167

In the third meet of the dual-meet season, the Langley Wildthings beat the Dowden Terrace Dolphins by a score of 235-167. Nicole Johnson broke a 20 year old 11-12 girls breaststroke record with a time of 39.07 seconds. Double event winners for Langley included Tatiana Bennett (8 and under freestyle and breastroke), Nathan Robinson (9-10 freestyle and backstroke), Katie Robinson (9-10 freestyle and breaststroke), Joseph Aulisi (11-12 backstroke and butterfly), Jack Reilly (11-12 freestyle and breaststroke), Brian DeMocker (13-14 freestyle and breaststroke) and Meghan Overend (13-14 freestyle and butterfly).

Lowes Island Country Club 278

Westwood 238

Westwood lost to Lowes Island, 278-238, this weekend in a tough meet. First place winners from Westwood included Audrey Kellan, Bohe Hosking, Laura Kellan, Matt Callahan, Tristan Timblin, Kayla O'Malley, Creaig Strasbourger, Connor Barrand and Mallory Lutz. There was one Westwood record set. The team of Chase Barrand, Hohe Hosking, Peter Dolton, and Matt Callhan set a new record in the boys 200-meter mixed age relay with a time of 2 minutes, 6.75 seconds.

Dominion Country Club League Relay Carnival

At the 2007 Dominion Country Club League Relay Carnival, the River Bend StingRays broke two long-standing league records. The record-breaking StingRays – Jessica Spiegel, Blaine Appleby, Jessica Hawken and Cassidy Wolfe – crushed the girls 15-18 200-meter medley relay and the 200-meter freestyle relay records with times of 2 minutes, 12.87 seconds and 1:59.68, respectively. Other first place StingRay relay teams include the boys 8 & under 100-meter freestyle relay of Devlin Wesolowski, Quinn Boyd, William Stevens and Jack Peele with a winning time of 1:19.88 and the boys 9-10 100-meter medley relay team of Carter Bennett, Julian Villacorta, Andrew Kvasnicka and Jake Trautwein with a winning time of 1:20.58.