Blending Styles

Blending Styles

Local guitar duo, Peter & Alex, release debut album, Sunday, Aug. 12 at Jammin’ Java.

What style of music do you play?

P: We are an instrumental acoustic guitar duo that plays jazz, classical, rock, and world styles.

A: We like to take a vast array of styles and find a way to incorporate them into our own playing. Peter is a jazz major and I am a classical major but we both

grew up on rock n roll and I think all of that shines through.

What can fans expect from your upcoming album?

P: This debut CD "Midnight Madrid" is an accurate representation of what Alex and I are both studying (Classical - Alex, and Jazz - Peter) as well as the fusion of rock and world styles that we grew up playing.

A: People can expect a very well recorded album that looks and sounds great. They can also expect to hear some different takes on some classic songs that they know as well as some innovative original ideas.

What can you tell us about your upcoming CD release party, on August 12?

P: The CD release party will be held at Jammin' Java in Vienna. We will play songs from our debut CD as well as several new songs and will acknowledge all of the people that helped make this CD happen as well as tell some of the stories behind the songs.

A: Doors open at 7, the show starts at 8. The CD will be sold at a special discounted price and we are all going to have a lot of fun.

When did you start playing guitar? What is your musical background?

P: I started playing guitar when I was in elementary school. I also used to play percussion and drums, however, guitar is my true love.

A: I started to play guitar in about 7th or 8th grade while living in England. It became really serious for me later on in high school though. That is when I found classical guitar and really decided that I wanted to study music. I now attend the Peabody Conservatory of Music and am half-way through my classical guitar performance degree.

Where did you two meet?

P: Alex and I met in guitar class at Westfield High School.

A: We met in guitar class. Freshman year I believe. However, we didn’t begin to play together until Junior year.

What gave you the idea to play together, and later record an album?

P: The idea was sort of a product of our teachers. Michael Fath and Ken Hall really pushed us together as a duo and the idea of recording the CD was really pushed by Michael Fath.

A: I think we both were trying to take guitar more seriously and do things with it, so naturally playing together made sense. It started with just some simple classical stuff but the more we played the more we realized that we should play more. We received a lot of guidance and encouragement as a duo from our high school guitar teacher Ken Hall and from our private instructor Michael Fath.

How did you get started with your band? Where does most of your fan base come from?

P: Alex and I got started together as a guitar duo in high school because our teachers really thought we played well together. Most of our fan base is in the Northern Virginia area a few groups of fans are growing in other parts of mid-Atlantic.

A: We hope to spread further and further as we play out more and more and reach new areas.

Do you have any future plans or concert dates coming up?

P: Alex and I will always be playing in future. August 26 and September 30 we will be playing the Jazz Brunch at Beans in the Belfry in Brunswick, Maryland. Also, starting in September we will be playing every Sunday morning brunch at Angie's Restaurant in Fairfax in the Twinbrook shopping center.

A: We are currently mulling over a few as well as doing for hire work such as weddings and Sunday brunch type events.

What is the best part of being a recording artist?

P: The best part of being a recording artist so far is that we have a professional CD that looks and sounds great. We have a product on the market that is well made.

A: Being able to hand somebody a CD that is professionally done and impressive looking and have your own name and face be on it.

What do you hope people will gain from your music?

P: I personally hope that people will just enjoy our music.

A: Hopefully they will find it enjoyable and intriguing.

What do you ultimately hope to achieve throughout your music career?

P: My goal is to make a living as a professional musician by playing guitar.

A: Ultimately I hope to have my music career be my career period. Through gigging, teaching, performing, and selling CD’s, I think it can happen.