Welcome to the Bedrock

Welcome to the Bedrock

Artist Profile

The Sherwood Blues Band will perform at the Old Angler Inn, 10801 MacArthur Blvd., Potomac. on Friday, Aug. 17. The show goes from 6-9:30 p.m. Call 301-365-2425.

Introduce yourself:

My name is Sherwood from The Sherwood Blues Band. We play a mix of traditional blues, originals, dance music, and authentic, bedrock, blues.

How did you get your start?

I listened to a Muddy Waters' album, "Hard Again." The cut was "Mannish Boy." Once I heard it, my life's direction changed. I started falling in love with the blues.

How long have you been performing for?

My performance debut was Feb. 27, 1999.

What has been your best memory when it comes to music?

Meeting the late, great, McKinley Morganfied - better known as Muddy Waters.

Describe your sound:

I call my blues authentic, bedrock, blues. I speak of bedrock in the geologic sense. When you build a house, you dig through the dirt and clay. When you hit bedrock, you lay your foundation. This is the level I go to when I play my blues.

Biggest musical influence:

McKinley Morganfied or Muddy Waters. He taught me the amazing power of simplicity.

Favorite pieces. Why?

On my debut CD, my favorite piece is "Two O'Clock in the Mornin'." It's the first original in the authentic, bedrock style and it is the blues that is closest in my heart.

Where is your favorite place to perform and why?

My favorite is Old Angler Inn in Potomac because I'm outside and it is easy to connect with the people in the beautiful surroundings.

What inspires the music you write?

True life influences that have occurred for me.

What do you enjoy most about performing live?

When the audience applauds, it gives us momentum. As they keep applauding, we keep going to higher levels. At a certain point in the evening, the synergy increases.

Anyone you would really like to play with?

Pinetop Perkins (who used to play in the Muddy Waters' Blues Band) and Buddy Guy because they understand the old style blues which is what I like to play.

Best compliment about a performance:

The best compliment about a performance is when people get up and start dancing and enjoying themselves.

Anything special about the upcoming show:

It takes place in a beautifully landscaped garden. The flagstone patio doubles as a great dance floor. The band always has a good time at that venue.

Most recent song you've listened to:

I just bought a "never before issued" songs of Muddy Waters CD with music from back in 1977 when he had his "Hard Again" tour.

How can people hear your music?

Go to my website: www.sherwooblues.com. My debut CD is on the website and you can listen to it in its entirety. My CD is also on iTunes.

Future plans:

Keep swinging at every ball that crosses the plate. I've learned that it is not the destination. It is the journey. The musical journey that I'm on will continue. Please come to the show and be part of this journey. Bring your dancin' shoes!