Neighborhood: Seminary Valley Aug. 23-30

Neighborhood: Seminary Valley Aug. 23-30

This just in from Bob Bates, this column’s predecessor:

On Tuesday, Aug. 7, Helen and Sam Atkinson hosted their 13th annual National Night Out Against Crime at their Peele Place home. Notable attendees included Mayor Bill Euille, City Council members Del Pepper and newly-elected Justin Wilson, Sheriff Dana Lawhorne, Commonwealth Attorney Randy Sengel and Chief Robert Rodriguez of the Fire Marshall’s office.

Other attendees included members of the Alexandria Police and Fire Departments, the Sheriff’s office, the Office on Women/Domestic Violence Program, Peele Place neighbors and other Valley neighbors. The food was outstanding and the children took advantage of the swimming pool.

Just the night before, our Civic Association and the Polk PTA hosted a Community Night Out Against Crime. Many thanks to Marianne Hetzer for organizing the festivities and to Vaughan Ambrose for once again gathering a stellar group of musicians ages 12 and above to entertain us. It was good to catch up with everyone and to meet some new neighbors. In addition to many of the same folks Bob mentions above, several School Board members and Polk’s principal Michael Brown were in attendance.

Bob reminds everyone that one reason that Seminary Valley is such a great place to live is the Neighborhood Watch program. Fall meetings of the group will take place on Sept. 15, Oct. 20 and Nov. 17 at the Beatley Library.

Many Valley children participate in the Dowden Terrace Dolphins swim team. This year, the Dolphins competed in a newer, much more difficult division (Division V, up from last year’s Division VIII). Although they lost more than their share of meets, several swimmers broke pool records and several competed in the All-Stars Relay Carnival. Pool record-breakers include: Abby Cox (for breast stroke and individual medley), Larry Dow (for backstroke relay), Mia Brown (freestyle and individual medley), Megan Mejia (individual medley), and Brendan Zack (for the 100-meter and freestyle medleys). At the All-Star Carnival, Colleen Cox competed in the backstroke, Larry Dow in backstroke and freestyle, Abby Cox in breast stroke and individual medley, and Brendan Richichi in the freestyle and breast stroke. Congratulations to all!

— Mia Jones