Great Falls Charitable Foundation Receives Donation

When the Great Falls Business and Professional Association (BPA) has extra money leftover at the end of its fiscal year, it always goes to the same place.

“When we have extra money, we give it to Mike because he supports so many causes,” said Terry Graves, vice president of public relations for the Business and Professional Association.

Mike Kearney, owner of the Old Brogue in the Great Falls Village Center, formed “Brogue Charities” in 1997 to help raise money for the annual Great Falls Fourth of July hometown celebration. But long after the Fourth of July had come and gone, Kearney continued to use Brogue Charities to collect funds for various local causes. Now called the Great Falls Charitable Foundation, the organization continues to be a source of funding for the local community.

Last month the members of the Great Falls Business and Professional Association presented Kearney with a $2,000 check for the Foundation. Kearney said the money will be used to help with the Foundation’s latest two projects — a camp which brings inner city children into Great Falls to experience nature, and Kidz Club, a local camp designed for children with special needs.

“Those are our two causes this year, and it’s always a pleasure to collaborate with you guys,” said Kearney.

Great Falls Business and Professional Association president Ralph Lazaro praised Kearney for his commitment to fund-raising for local causes.

“If there is a way of collecting money, Mike will find it, and if there is a way of doing something good, he’ll do it,” said Lazaro. “I’ve watched him do it time and time again.”