His Brand New Harley

His Brand New Harley

Sonny Leonardís ecstatic over new bike.

Sonny Leonard of Linden, Va., is as happy as any man who loves motorcycles would be. The head of equipment at Luck Stone Quarry in Centreville recently won a new 2007 FLSTC (Heritage Classic Softail) Harley-Davidson.

He recently picked up the $19,000 suede blue and black bike at the Patriot Harley-Davidson in Fairfax. He liked the style and look of the bike. Prior to winning the bike, he had entered the ìRegular Riderî competition which selects a customer at random, to win a bike.

Notified via e-mail, Leonard thought it was just spam. ìI canít believe this is true. When I got my Regular Rider Card I thought, what are the chance I can win a bike? Itís hard to believe. I thought it mustíve been a catch or something to itî said Leonard.

Leonard, head of equipment at Luck Stone Quarry in Centreville, first entered the competition about three times. Competitors are given 72 hours to respond and if not then it goes on to the next person. Whatever points there are in the Regular Rider Card allows the person a certain number of entries.

ìHe was just a lucky guy. Heíd only been in here three times and it was luck of the draw. He was on cloud nine,î said Lynden Abell, general manager at Patriot Harley- Davidson. The Regular Riders program began on March 13 as a rewards program, and with each purchase at Patriot Harley - Davidson, contributes to the number of patriot points. ìWe wanted to have another compelling reason to shop. We wanted an extra incentive and we are hoping our customers saw it as a competitive advantageî said Abell, ìItís been great, the customers enjoy the competitiveness and itís a great thing.î Although Leonard hasnít named his motorcycle just yet, he has ridden her through the Shenandoah Valley and in the area by himself and with his daughter. ìI am very happy and everyone has been courteous and helpfulî said Leonard.

Patriot Harley-Davidson is located at 9739 Fairfax Boulevard, Fairfax.