Dinner at Woodlawn Plantation


Megan Beyer joins Mary Ann Way and DeDe Caughlin at the reception before dinner.


The grand rooms in the mansion at Woodlawn were decorated with green, fruits and berries that are found on the grounds of the estate. The centerpieces were designed by board member Beverly Stanley.

Last weekend, over 130 guests dined in the mansion at Woodlawn during the annual Candlelit Dinner. The festive evening raised $30,000 according to Friends of Woodlawn Development Chair and Board member Betsy Regnell. The Georgian mansion was beautifully decorated with natural greens, fruits and nuts found on the 66 acre estate and that copied what would have been used in the 18th and 19th centuries. Woodlawn, overlooking the Potomac, was George Washington’s wedding present to his grand daughter Nelly Custis Lewis. The mansion hosts tours and programs throughout the year.

Board President Cindy Conner, announced the 2008 Woodlawn Restoration Project which will seek funding for the restoration of over 75 windows and doors for the first time since the mansion was built in 1805.

Information about how you can help with the restoration project or to learn about the many programs at Woodlawn, call 703-780-4000 or visit www.woodlawn1805.org