Inova Celebrates 31st Chanukah


Steve Meyerson welcomes those gathered for the annual Hanukkah celebration at Alexandria Inova Hospital. The event took place in the Atrium on Monday evening.


Cantors Hazzan Sharon Steinberg of Temple Beth El and Hazzan Elisheva Dientsfrey – of Agudas Achim Congregation sing a musical interlude before the story of Hanukkah is told.


Abraham Cherrick, MD., the medical director for Physical Medicine at Inova Alexandria Hospital tells the story of Hanukkah for himself and his family.

Rabbi Mordechai Newman of the Chabad Luavitch spoke of meaning of the word "Chanukah"

"The word, "Chanukah" has several different, yet related sources. It comes from "Chanu," meaning rest and "Kah," the Hebrew equivalent of 25. The word "Chanukah" is also connected with the words "dedication" (chanukat) and "education" (chinuch).

On the twenty-fifth day of the Hebrew month of Kislev, the Maccabees rested from their battle. They marched victoriously into the holy Temple in Jerusalem, ready to rededicate the holy service. They would forever serve as role models -- educators -- to future generations."

Steve Meyerson was the master of ceremonies and organizer of the 31st annual event.

Meyerson spoke of when he asked permission, the first time to just light a menorah at the hospital. Later he introduced all of the special guests that included Rabbi Brett Isserow, Temple Beth El of Alexandria, Rabbi Mordechai Newman, Chabad of Alexandria and Arlington, and Rabbi Jack Moline of Agudas Achim Congregation of Alexandria. Each attended and spoke of the tradition, past and present and gave thoughts for the future.