Chantilly Academy Thrives at Skills USA

Chantilly Academy Thrives at Skills USA

The Chantilly Academy students earned an impressive 12 Golds, eight Silver and five Bronze medals at the Skills USA District Championships held Saturday, Feb. 3. The Culinary competition was held at Stratford University and Automotive Technology and Cosmetology competitions were held at Edison High School. The students listed below now qualify to compete in the Skills USA State competition to be held in Richmond on April 27-28.

SkillsUSA is a national nonprofit organization serving teachers and high school and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health occupations. SkillsUSA programs include local, state and national competitions in which students demonstrate occupational and leadership skills. Its mission is to ensure America has a skilled workforce by helping each individual student excel in their field of study.

<lst>* Automotive Technology – Gray Brill (teacher);

Gold Medal — Tim Brubaker from Westfield High;

* Culinary Arts – Clay Doubleday (teacher);

Gold Medal in Culinary Arts — Peter Varkonyi from Woodson High;

* Commercial baking: Bronze, Toby Younis from Chantilly High;

* Food and Beverage Service — Gold, Wes Ogilvie from Chantilly High;

* Food and Beverage Service —Silver — Zack Ridenhow from Westfield High;

* Food preparation — Gold — Cleophus Peebles from Herndon High;

* Cosmetology — Wayne White (teacher);

* Club Scrapbook — 1st — Destiny Brooks and Natasha Cotton;

* Club Scrapbook — 2nd — Indira Zeballos/Angela Villegas/Evelin Grijavala;

* Community Service — Bronze Standard-Evelin Grijavala/Angela Villegas;

* Community Service — Bronze Standard- Dwanique Crawford/Amber Freeman;

* Community Service — Gold Standard- Thuy Nguyen/Ingrid Roca;

* Customer Service —1st- Madison Rightnour;

* Customer Service —1st Carly Hamm- Post-secondary;

* Customer Service —2nd- Kristin Bruno-Post-secondary;

* Job Interview — 1st — Kristin Bruno Post-secondary;

* Job Interview — 2nd- Courtney Graham Post-secondary;

* Job Interview — 3rd- Carly Hamm- Post-secondary;

* Job Skills Demonstration — 1st — Kristin Bruno-Post-secondary;

* Job Skills Demonstration — 2nd- Courtney Graham- Post-secondary;

* Prepared Speech — 2nd — Dwanique Crawford;

* Prepared Speech — 3rd- Amber Freeman;

* Cosmetology —1st — Carly Hamm- Poat-secondary;

* Cosmetology — 2nd —Courtney Graham- Post-secondary;

* Sculptured Nails — 1st — Fiorella Galvez;

* Sculptured Nails —2nd — Thuy Nguyen.