Couple Lives Life-Long Valentine

Couple Lives Life-Long Valentine

Burke couple still showing affection after more than 30 years of marriage.

When Dee Lovell moved to El Paso, Tex. in 1972 with her twin sister, her landlady became an unlikely matchmaker.

The landlady didn’t personally introduce Dee to her future husband, Larry Lovell, but she did suggest Dee and her sister attend the event where they met.

“The landlady said ‘I think it’s time you meet some guys,’” said Dee. “She told us to go to this Friday night dance at the Fort Bliss Officers’ Club.”

The sisters went, and ended up sitting at a table with Larry and a friend of his. Dee and Larry got began talking, and they immediately hit off. But when Dee’s sister could not get rid of an annoying man who was hitting on her, Larry agreed to dance with her in exchange for a date with Dee.

The deal worked. The Burke Centre couple has been married for 34 years.

“Life has been fun and exciting,” said Dee.

Valentine’s Day has never been extraordinarily important to the couple, mainly because their relationship has never lacked romance or affection. They did develop one tradition over the years, though. As their daughters got older, the family began an annual routine of ordering Chinese take-out food and setting up cushions in front of the fireplace to enjoy their Valentine’s Day dinner.

This year, it just so happens that Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday, which has some significance to the couple. Dee and Larry decided this year that they would try to have “date-Wednesdays” — a night they devote to spending quality time with one another.

“If we’re iced in, maybe we’ll do the Chinese food in front of the fireplace again,” said Larry.

For Dee and Larry, every day is Valentine’s Day. Dee said he shows his affection daily and has for 34 years of marriage.

“Larry does so much for me and for everybody,” said Dee. “He shows his love everyday by everything he does. We don’t need flowers or candy to show it.”