Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish

Ned Devine's offers traditional Irish food, drink, and live music in Centreville.

Ned Devine's Irish Pub Restaurant in the Marketplace at Centre Ridge takes pride in its mom and pop atmosphere and traditional Irish and Australian dishes and beers.

"We're the only bar in the area to serve an imperial pint of Guinness in a traditional Guinness glass," said Craig Bradford, bar manager of the three-month-old restaurant. An imperial pint of Guinness is 20 ounces and costs less than $6.

UPON ENTERING, Ned Devine's has two bars, one near the entrance and another by the dance floor and stage where live bands play. Large red booths are located throughout the restaurant.

"The crowd is upbeat and I love that they have a dance floor here," says Kendra Smith, who recently moved away from Centreville. "Even though I moved, I've still been coming here once a month. It's just so much fun." Smith also likes the fact that she feels very comfortable and doesn't worry about being harassed. "I come with friends, but as a woman I would feel comfortable coming here alone too," she said.

Additionally, the new restaurant offers live music on Friday and Saturday nights as well as a range of activities throughout the week. There are line dancing and a Texas holdem tourney on Mondays and half price steaks on Tuesdays. The inviting environment along with an Irish feel and live music has resulted in Ned Devine's attracting a steady stream of diverse and good-natured clientele.

"We are really in-tune with the neighborhood," says Bradford. "Our mom-and-pop atmosphere distinguishes us a little from other restaurants in the area."

Manager Gordon Masterson believes that Ned Devine's is just what Centreville has been waiting for. "It's much more convenient for people to have a local place to go to instead of driving all the way out to D.C. for some live music," he said. "Each band that plays here brings different customers, and that makes our restaurant interesting too."

Two regulars at Ned Devine's, Paul Roberts and Chris, both feel that Centreville has needed a place like this. Roberts has lived in Centreville for more than 15 years and has only positive things to say. "Great music, great food, and great people," he said.

FOOD PRICES range from $4 to $9 for appetizers, $9 to $16 for entrees, and $12 to $28 for steaks. This Irish Pub Restaurant is popular for its "traditional fares" such as its Irish sausages and mash that consists of Irish sausages, mashed potatoes, green peas and onion gravy. Another popular entrée is the Aussie steak and mushroom pie that has tender chunks of beef, mushroom ragout, puffy pastry top, and seasonal vegetables in it. Also, Ned Devine's offers the traditional corned beef and cabbage dish that includes slow-cooked corned beef, braised cabbage, mashed potatoes and cream sauce. All of the traditional fares are $12.

If a sandwich is more your style, they also have the Devine Reuben for $8 that has corned beef stacked high with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing, or for $5, Ned Devine's has a baked Irish and cheddar soup as an appetizer.

As for Irish and Australian beers, beside Guinness, they have Harp and Smithwicks along with 17 other beers on draft. Draft beer prices are between $5 and $5.50 and bottled beer is between $3.75 and $4.50. Happy hour runs from 3 to 7 daily and during this time appetizers are half off.

"While the food is great," says Centreville local David White, "I come here to socialize." Around 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights White mentions that the crowd changes into a younger crowd, with the majority of people from 21-30. "There is still a nice mix of people though," White says.

Masterson agrees there is a crowd shift, "Young people often come here and dance for hours," he said.

When asked why White chose Ned Devine's instead of another local bar, he praised Ned Devine's' informal atmosphere, friendly people, and great managers. "I'm not Irish," said White, laughing, "but I'm here for a good time."