Sterling Teens Face Charges in Possible Hate Crime

Sterling Teens Face Charges in Possible Hate Crime

Teens Physically, Verbally Assault Hispanic Man Outside CVS

Three white, teenage males assaulted a 46-year-old man outside of a Sterling CVS Monday night.

Kraig Troxell, spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office, said the three teenagers approached the man "for no apparent reason." One of the teens assaulted the man while the other two teens formed a barricade with their bodies, making it impossible for the man to escape.

"They just walked right up to him, one of them called him a racial slur. One of them assaulted him, another called him another racial slur, and they left," Troxell said. "There was no prior conflict that we know of."

The three suspects immediately fled the scene. Sheriff's Office deputies located them a short time later at the Bottom Dollar grocery store, next to the CVS. Two teens were apprehended, but the third teen was able to flee the scene.

The first teen, a 17-year-old from Sterling, faces assault, abduction, hate crime, possession of a narcotic paraphernalia and possession of alcohol charges. The second teen, a 16-year-old from Sterling, faces assault, and possession of alcohol and abduction charges.

"Anytime you hold a person against their will, that's abduction," Troxell said.

The Sheriff's Office is still looking for the third teenage male.