Former Deputy Sheriff Seeks Republican Nomination

Former Deputy Sheriff Seeks Republican Nomination

Ahlemann Announces He Will Run Against Simpson

Former deputy sheriff, Gregory Ahlemann, announced he will run for the Republican nomination for sheriff last week.

Ahlemann worked for the Sheriff’s Office for the 10 years. He started off patrolling the streets of Sterling Park in 1996.

"I had the night shift," he said.

Five years later, he joined the Sheriff’s Office motor squad and eventually became deputy sheriff.

The Leesburg resident resigned from his position Friday, Jan. 12, to focus on his campaign.

AHLEMANN SAID he is determined to make Loudoun County a safer place to live.

The husband and father of two decided to run for sheriff for several reasons.

His first priority, he said, is to restore integrity in the sheriff’s administration.

"One thing that concerns me is the lack of integrity in the current administration," he said. "That is something I will speak more about further along in the campaign."

While Ahlemann said he is new to politics, he is familiar with the county’s biggest concerns.

The gang problem is a "huge issue," he said.

The former patrol officer said he remembers gang activity in Sterling Park 10 years ago, but the Sheriff’s Office swept the issue under the rug.

"Nobody wanted to admit we had a problem back then," he said. "The gang problem is increasing. We fell behind. And that affects the safety of our citizens."

He would also like to crack down on drunk driving and improve traffic safety.

"I’m serious about getting drunks off the roads," he said on his Web site. "We won’t play favorites at the public’s expense. Drunk drivers will pay the price."

AHLEMANN SAID he has received a number of telephone calls in support of his campaign from Sheriff’s Office deputies.

"Simpson’s been a great politician," Ahlemann said, "but I will deliver what the county needs. We need a sheriff that cares about safety, not about public image."

SHERIFF STEPHEN O. SIMPSON announced in December he will run for re-election.

Simpson chose to make the announcement alongside the four other constitutional officers, Clerk of Circuit Court Gary Clemens, Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman, Commissioner of the Revenue Bob Wertz and Treasurer Roger Zurn.

"We work well together," Simpson said in a previous interview.

Simpson, who took office in 1996, said he would like to continue his efforts in some of the county’s "problem" areas, including gang activity, homeland security and highway safety.