Wayside Elementary Gets Crazy

Wayside Elementary Gets Crazy

Spirit Week wraps up with Crazy Hat Day, and the kids go all out.

For some, Crazy Hat Day was a chance to wear their favorite hats to school, and that was enough for them.

Sophia Bruno needed more.

The Wayside Elementary School 2nd-grader bought a special hat-kit with a brown, flat top and pieces of yellow, red and green fabric attached that made Sophia look like she was wearing a pizza on top of her head. That still wasn’t quite enough, so she found some Spaghetti noodles and, presto.

“I added these this morning,” Bruno said of the cooked pasta taped to her pizza-hat.

“Yeah, yeah,” said 2nd-grader Sylvia Weinstein, nodding her head enthusiastically when asked if Crazy Hat Day was her favorite day of Spirit Week. Her enthusiasm showed in her hat too: a plain white hat smeared with yellow, green, blue and purple paints. Pipe-cleaners twisted away from Sylvia's hat with foam flowers at their ends, and it was topped off with a black ribbon with white polka-dots that came from her mom’s sewing collection.

Michael Kolodin sported a graduation cap with Mickey Mouse ears on top and a Disney logo on the front — a keepsake from his graduation from daycamp on a Disney Cruise.

“All the parents came and Mickey and Minnie came,” said Michael.

Katie Byrum wore a pink cowboy hat, and though she liked Crazy Hat Day, she didn’t like it as much as she liked sports day, when she got to wear her no. 21 MSI soccer jersey to school.

School was closed on Monday, so Spirit Week kicked off on Tuesday with Dress for Success Day and students had their school pictures taken. Wednesday was Crazy Hair and Pajama Day, Thursday was Sports Day.

— Aaron Stern