Politicians Join Celebration

Politicians Join Celebration

Vienna’s July 4th provided the citizens to meet a number of their elected representatives.

"One of the things I love about holiday celebrations is meeting the politicians," said Virginia Governor Tim Kaine. "They represent our form of government. One of the great things about America is that we get to pick our own leaders.

"I lived in a country controlled by a dictatorship," said the Governor. "One of our greatest freedoms as Americans is to choose who we want to lead us."

Mayor Jane Seeman agreed, adding, "Our process allows peaceful transition from one administration to another."

Not to be outdone by crafts and food vendors, politicians staked out locations, as well. They offered freebies, talked "vision," and some just socialized in the manner of the day.

Town Council member George Lovelace talked about photography and landscapes, and Mayor Jane Seeman tried to make everybody feel at home.

It was a chance for residents to run into old acquaintances, stirring up memories, and for community dogs to strut their stuff. Many festival-goers sported red, white and blue motifs.