Week In McLean

Week In McLean

<sh>DWI Patrol Results

For McLean District

<bt>Fairfax County Police Officers from around the county conducted Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) directed patrols to deter and apprehend intoxicated drivers on Saturday, July 7, from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. Sunday, July 8. Motorists stopped for suspicion of driving while intoxicated were checked to assure that their abilities to drive had not been impaired by alcohol or drugs. Approximately 27 motorists were stopped. There were no arrests made for DWI.

Fourteen traffic summonses were issued for the following charges: two tickets for reckless driving, one ticket for driving on a suspended operator’s license, one ticket for driving without a valid operator’s license, and nine tickets for additional miscellaneous traffic offenses. Nine officers and one auxiliary police officer participated in the July 7 checkpoint.

<sh>Let Police Know of

‘Night Out’ Events

<bt>This year’s ”National Night Out,” the annual event that gives residents the opportunity to show support for their local police officers and their crime-fighting efforts, will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 7, throughout the McLean area. Community involvement for this event can be as simple as turning on all of the porch lights in a residential community, to holding large community picnics. The Fairfax County Police McLean District Station has historically held a number of events and tries to have officers stop by each one over the course of the evening. Communities interested in holding an event should contact Master Police Officer (MPO) Thomas Black, or Officer Patrick Lucas at the McLean District Station Crime Prevention Office at 703-556-7750 ext. 2234. Anyone hosting an event should e-mail Black at thomas.black@fairfaxcounty.gov, or Lucas at patrick.lucas@fairfaxcounty.gov, with the following information: the name of the neighborhood where the event is being held, the name of a contact person and their phone number, the type of event, the approximate number of people that will be attending and the location and hours of the event.

<sh>Connection Online

Photo Galleries

<bt>The Connection has launched a new feature on the Connection Newspapers’ Web site, photo galleries. Every week, Connection photographers and reporters take hundreds of pictures at events around Northern Virginia and most often only one or two photos make it into print.

Now on the Connection Web site, readers can find many more photos from events. It is a work in progress, but photos from many events, including high school proms, graduations and community events are already posted.

Readers can e-mail the images to share them, and also have the opportunity to purchase prints, digital images or other items.

See www.ConnectionNewspapers.com, and click on “Connection Photo Galleries.”