Voting: Cascades

Voting: Cascades

On the Ballot

<lst>On Nov. 6, Loudoun County residents will go to the polls to elect state Senate and House of Representatives members, as all county elected offices.

On the ballot are, * indicates incumbents:


<lst>Chairman, At large: Michael Firetti (R) and Scott York (I)*

Potomac: Andrea C. McGimsey (D), Ken R. Mikeman (I) and Bruce Tulloch (R)*

Sterling: Eugene A. Delgaudio (R)* and Jeanne R. West (D)

Sugarland Run: Susan Klimek Buckley (D) and David M. "Mick" Staton (R)*

<ro>School Board

<lst>At large: Herbert I. Bryan and Thomas E. "Tom" Reed*

Potomac: John B. Stevens Jr.*

Sterling: J. Warren Geurin*

Sugarland Run: Joseph M. Guzman*, Stephen E. Hammond and Ryan A. Myers

<ro>Constitutional Officers

Clerk of the Court: Gary M. Clemens (R)*

Commissioner of Revenue: Robert S. Wertz Jr. (R)*

Commonwealth Attorney: James E. Plowman (R)*

Sheriff: Greg J. Ahlemann (R), Michael E. George (D) and Stephen O. Simpson (I)*

Treasurer Charles A. "Chuck" Harris (D) and H. Roger Zurn (R)*

<ro>Soil & Water: Michael A. Megeath*, Peter C. Rush, Chris S. Simmons and James K. Wylie*


33rd District: Mark Herring (D)* and Patricia Phillips (R)


13th District: Robert G. Marshall (R)* and Bruce Roemmelt (D)

32nd District: Lynn Chapman (R) and David E. Poisson (D)*

86th District: Jay Donahue (D) and Tom Rust (R)*

<sh>To Register

<lst>To register to vote, an applicant can fill out a form through the Department of Motor Vehicles or go to a local library or community center to get a form. Forms can also be downloaded at Applications must be mailed to: General Register, County of Loudoun, 26-C Fairfax St., S.E., Leesburg, VA 20175.

For voter registration information call 703-777-0380.

Eligible voters must be 18 years of age before election day, current U.S. citizens and residents of the county.

Registration deadline for upcoming November election is 29 days prior to the election.

Voters must also show valid identification at the polls, acceptable forms include:

* Virginia Voter Information Card

* Virginia driver's license or special identification card issued by the DMV

* Valid United States passport

* Military ID card

* Any federal, state or local government-issued ID card

* Employer-issued photo ID card

* Social Security card

For more information, visit