Here Piggie

Here Piggie

Loudoun Fair Hosts Hog Calling Competition

Children lined up under the Jack Brown Pavilion to participate in a hog calling contest at the Loudoun County Fair the morning of Saturday, July 28.

Dillon Ryerse, who visited the fair with her cousin Amanda Ryerse, participated in her fist hog calling competition that day.

"I don’t even have a pig!" she said.

Even though she doesn’t own a pig, she called "Sooooo-eeee, Soo-eee," at the top of lungs, to clench the title.

Edwin Muncaster judged the contest from the back of the pavilion.

Muncaster said "Soo-eee" is meant to send the pigs away.

"It probably doesn’t matter what you say," Muncaster said. "They get to know your voice and they’ll come no matter what you say."

At the end of the competition, Muncaster, who used to own pigs on his farm, taught the children how to properly call one.

"Ho, ho, ho, pig, pig, pig," he said as fast as he could. "Come on, come on, come on, hey what’s up down there. Pig, pig, pig."

<1b>— Kim Centazzo