Tolls to Increase

Tolls to Increase

Greenway owners activate last part of approved toll structure.

Commuters will soon be paying more for use of the Dulles Greenway. Toll Road Investors Partnership II (TRIP II), the owners of the Greenway, announced Tuesday, June 5, that it would increase its tolls by 30 cents effective July 1.

The State Corporation Commission (SCC) approved the increase in 2004 as part of a structured toll increase phasing for the 14-mile commuter road. This increase is the final in the approved schedule.

Beginning next month, the tolls at the main toll plaza, Route 606/Old Ox Road and Loudoun County Parkway will increase by 30 cents to $3 per car trip on weekdays. Vehicles with three or more axles will have to pay $6 per trip, a 60-cent increase.

During the weekends, cars will see their tolls increase to $2.80, or 30 cents.

At all remaining exit, on both weekdays and weekends, commuters paying with a credit card will pay $2.30. Drivers with an automated payment device will pay $1.85.

TRIP II is also seeking approval from the SCC for another pay increase package, which would increase one-way tolls on the Greenway to $4.80 by 2012. The commission has not yet ruled on that application.

<1b>— Erika Jacobson