Merchant Honored for Outstanding Service

Merchant Honored for Outstanding Service

At the year-end meeting of the Little Farms Garden Club, a very special award was presented this year for the very first time, the Virginia Merchant Award for Outstanding Service to LFGC. In creating this award, the hope was to inspire LFGC members to go above and beyond, to make that extra effort on behalf of others not only within the club, but also extending into the community.

The Award was presented to Virginia Merchant, for whom it is named. Virginia is a founding member of Little Farms Garden Club (in 1961) and has been a mentor, an inspiration, an advocate, a dedicated worker, a motivator and a true example of friendship, loyalty, grace and intelligence. She is a true lady who gives her life to service to others. Her dedication to not only LFGC but also to her family, friends, community and many, many other organizations has been profound and unwavering for decades. She always makes an effort to make life a little easier for so many, including the animals of our community.

This award will continue to be presented in years to come, in her name and honor, to those inspired members who show such outstanding service.

The LFGC reaches out to the community providing decorating in the community at the Little Falls Tavern, Strathmore Hall and the Potomac Gazebo in addition to providing garden therapy to people with handicaps, and gift giving to the needy.

— Bonnie Barker