Heartfelt Mohawks

Heartfelt Mohawks

Teachers at Buzz Aldrin Elementary deliver on promise.

As rain threatened to fall around Buzz Aldrin Elementary on Thursday afternoon, the students stormed into the school’s gym to celebrate raising more than $4,000 for the American Heart Association. A number of the teachers made good on their pledge to alter their physical appearance if the $4,000 milestone was reached through the Jump Rope for Heart fund-raiser.

“We just wanted to have a good time, and be good sports,” said Scott Worthington, the physical education teacher at Aldrin after receiving a mohawk haircut. Worthington, fifth grade teacher Sean O’Day and custodian Wesley Rice all had their hair cut into a mohawk — donated by Cartoon Cuts — in front of the entire student body. As if that was not enough, technical specialist Dayve Forman was left beardless, physical education assistant teacher Natalia Porosa had a pie smashed into her face and principal Marty Marinoff and assistant principal Barbara Gist showed off their jump roping skills wearing wigs.

“It tastes good,” said Porosa, uttering the words through the thick cream covering her face.

The highlight of the day was when O’Day received his haircut. His son, Ronan, a fourth grader at Aldrin, said it was really funny to see his father with such a haircut. “We’re going to send him to school tomorrow all spiked up,” he said. After stepping away from the chair, Sean O’Day said: “It feels good. Maybe it’s a little more than a trim.”

The school handed over a check for $4,025 to Sue Roll, an American Heart Association representative, at the festivities. First grader Kimmy Lewis took the award for the top contributor, raising $1,500 and earning the right to be the one to smash the pie into Porosa’s face.

“Many people will benefit from your generosity and that of your parents,” said Marinoff as he addressed the students. Aldrin has supported the American Heart Association through Jump Rope for Heart for 14 years now, and the $4,025 raised this year is the school’s record. Another record set this year is there were 91 donations made at Aldrin.

“It is heartwarming,” said Roll after the festivities. “Giving to others is a great lesson to learn,” she said.

Marinoff also announced that Friday would be wacky hair day at the school, in order to celebrate school spirit and to support the teachers with new styles.