Neighborhood: Old Town

Neighborhood: Old Town

Lee Tea Time

OK, all of you new, well-educated, motivated and soon to be dedicated Old Towners. Here is this week’s quiz: What is the Lee Tea? Ever heard of it? Don’t have a clue? Don’t really care? Well, you’d better if you want to be a part of the old port city preservation and social fabric.

The Lee Tea, as Old Towners have called it for years, is a venerable group of Alexandria women (and some men) who are known as the Alexandria Friends of Stratford and are totally dedicated to the preservation of oh-so-historic Stratford Hall in Westmoreland County. Their more formal name, as faithful readers of this column know, is the Alexandria Committee of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Association. And these folks request the pleasure of your company for tea and goodies on Tuesday, March 20, from 2 -4 p.m. at the residence and garden of Mrs. Jelks H. Cabaniss Jr., 804 Prince St. The Lee Tea is a low pressure fund-raiser for the well-being of Stratford Hall. Membership in the Alexandria Friends of Stratford is by donation. Questions or how to make donations should be directed to 703-329-1883.

We’ve told you about this Alexandria group for many years. They pack juice. It occurred to me the other day that we should introduce you to the current leadership of the Alexandria Committee. Wanna’ talk about juice? Say hello to:

Mrs. John H. Arialil Jr., Mrs. Clark R. Bavin Jr., Mrs. Michael T. Bradshaw, Mrs. Thomas C. Brown Jr., Mrs. Gary Campbell, Mrs. H. Bartholomew Cox, Mrs, William H. deButts III, Ms. Eleanor Radford Denegre, Mrs. Andrew M. Duke, Mrs. Richard R.G. Hobson, Mrs. Charles R. Hooff Jr., Mrs. Ross Hunt III, Mrs. James H.L. Jacob, Mrs. Otis H. Johnson Jr., Mrs. Phillip R. Johnson, Mrs. Joseph J. Johnston Jr., Mrs. Arthur M. Keleher, Ms. Kimberly Keleher, Mrs. Malcolm Matheson Jr., Mrs. Gregory E. May, Mrs. Sean C.E. McDonough, Mrs. Robert L. Montague, IV, Mrs. James T. Norman, Mrs. Smith Paul, Mrs. Louis B. Rodenberg Jr., Miss Margaret C. Thomas, Mrs. Harley Hobson Wensing, Mrs. Frank L. Wright.

Is that a "Who's Who" list of Old Town movers and shakers? I'd say so.

The big GW and his Momma'

Would you like to delve more deeply into the controversial relationship between George Washington and his mother? This may not send your pulses pounding, but you never know. Anyhow, Gadsby's Tavern Museum is going to give you another perspective on this subject (if you're willing to cough up $12) at 7 p.m. on April 18 at the Museum. Dr. Peter Henriques of George Mason University will offer his take on the "unique and complex relationship" that our first president had with his mother, Mary Ball Washington.

<1b>— Bob Feldkamp