Neighborhoods: Taylor Run

Neighborhoods: Taylor Run

The Stage One Players of Saint Stephen"s and Saint AgnesSchool had a rip-roaring good time on the opening night of "Guys and Dolls"; so did the audience.

Outstanding performers were Natalie Walker, sniffing her way through Miss Adelaide's Lament. and Alex Cordia as her long-term fiance, Nathan Detroit' Max Krembs belted out his lines in a really strong voice and doubled in brass as technical director. He also worked on set construction and the lighting crew. Actually, most of the cast apparently pitched in to do the backstage work.


The students dedicated the production to Mr. James Marvin, their director, who suffered a serious head injury while working on the stage. Jean Hunt took over, aided by Courtenay Philbrick.

A thirteen-person orchestra, some students, some faculty, some neighbors, provided a really solid musical background.

I must throw a bouquet to the costume people; I had a mental picture of them rolling about on the floor in fits of laughter as they designed the zoot suits on the gangsters.


Among the alumnae parents attending the reception given byHead of SchoolJoan Ogilvy Holden and her husband were Janice Connally, Ann Timberlake, Sue and Phil Brooks, Margo Spencer, Dorothy Jackson, Nancy Kelly, Helen and Richard Westerfield,

Sara Lindsey, who was graduated from St. Agnes in 1943. was there, as were Theresa Miller and her husband. They were there to support their son Wilson, playing bass in theorchestra.

And beaming proudly was Alexandria's former First Lady,Marge Beatley there to cheer on her grandson Chris, playing the part of Rusty Charlie.


The Americen Center for Puccini Studies brought a wonderful gift to Alexandria on Sunday - a concert version of Le Vilii, the composer,s first opera.

Kay Krekow as Anna, Harry Dunstan as the faithless Roberto, and Bryan Jackson as Guglielmo, brought thrilling voices to the work. and the Puccini Society Chorus sang beautifully and dramatically, particularly in the Witches' Sabbath number.

I am most grateful to the First Christian Church for making the performance possible, and I look forward to June, when we can expect "La Fanciulla"

<1b>—Lois Kelso Hunt